15 Highest Paying Electrician Jobs Right Now

by Timothy Ronaldson


Electricians are often in high demand, which is why the salaries for some of their jobs are so high.

If you have these skills and the education in the field, you may be wondering what the highest paying electrician jobs might be.

The best paying electrician jobs run the gamut, with some starting off relatively low but allowing people to work their way up to more impressive salary figures.

Here are the 15 highest paying electrician careers.

15. Avionics Technician

Interested in learning how aircraft work, and helping them to actually do their job? Then this would be a great career path for you.

An avionics technician works to maintain and install all electrical systems on an aircraft. These systems are vital to help computers run and pilots control the plane well.

It’s an entry-level job, but one that can lead to much higher-paying jobs in the industry, too. If you are looking for jobs without a resume, this is a good starting point.

Average salary: $37,351 (Indeed)


14. Lighting Specialist


A lighting specialist will work with lighting designers and engineers to make various designs become reality. This lighting can be used in a number of different applications, including commercial and residential settings.

Depending on how many clients you take on, this could be a good paying second job.

It’s a cool job because it’s different than simply setting up back-end electrical systems, since you can see your work literally light up.

Another great aspect of this job is it can lead to much higher-paying jobs, which you’ll see further on this list. Review these tips for finding a job to help you get your foot in the door.

Average salary: $39,192 (ZipRecruiter)

Trend on the Rise

Lighting in general has always been in high-demand, but it’s particularly rising recently due to the need for unique designs and energy-saving systems. The global market for lighting is expected to exhibit a CAGR of 4.3% through 2027, reaching $163.72 billion in value by that time. So, this is a career sector that’s worth pursuing, especially if you specialize in LED lighting.

13. Commercial Electrician

The main duties of a commercial electrician are to maintain and install various electrical systems.

These can be used in commercial settings such as office buildings or even in residential homes.

This is a great starting position for electricians, as it allows them to gain experience and move up the ladder into higher-paying positions in the future.

Working at a small company will help you gain the experience you need while still earning a decent salary.

Average salary: $42,082 (Indeed)

12. Low Voltage Electrician

Low voltage electricians will work with fixtures and systems that, not surprisingly, have low voltage. This could include basic wiring, electrical equipment and light fixtures.

The installations are typically done in either smaller commercial settings or even in residential settings.

The fun part about this job is it could include surveillance systems, entertainment systems or alarm systems set up in people’s homes or place of business.

If you are having trouble finding a job, this could be an interesting option to pursue.

Average salary: $45,426 (ZipRecruiter)

Tactic for Success

You can do some impressive things as a low voltage technician. If you want to hone your craft, try working with some systems that are available on the market, and see if you can improve them in any way. You just might be able to come up with your own design that you could sell one day.

11. Marine Technician


If you like spending time out on the water — or at least like working on things that spend time on the water — then becoming a marine technician might be the job for you.

This job entails maintaining and installing the electrical systems that help power boats.

It could include the systems that power the on-board equipment for captains and even the navigation equipment. This is a highly-specialized job.

So, in addition to providing a cool alternative to some of the other jobs on this list, it also provides the opportunity for a huge long-term growth potential in terms of salary.

Average salary: $47,921 (Indeed)

10. Electrical Contractor

The job of an electrical contractor is very important, as they are responsible for physically creating the systems that are designed and laid out on blueprints for buildings both large and small.

This job requires the skills of being able to read these diagrams and blueprints so that you can properly install all the components of an electrical system, such as the breaker boxes and wiring.

It’s also a great starting job for you to learn all the basics of electrical design.

Average salary: $49,903 (ZipRecruiter)

9. Electrical Technician

People who work as electrical technicians will work on repairing, testing, building and maintaining various electrical equipment.

Most of the time, these people will work directly under the instruction of an electrical engineer, who will design the system.

One of the cool parts about this job is that you’ll often work in a repair shop, a manufacturing facility or even a laboratory.

In this case, you’ll be doing some investigative work to figure out what’s going wrong with a system, or even trying to “break” a system on purpose to discover potential weaknesses.

Average salary: $54,241 (Indeed)

8. Lineman

This position includes maintaining, repairing and even installing the outdoor electrical equipment that allows businesses and homes to have electrical power.

Because they’ll be working on poles and power lines, it’s somewhat dangerous work, which is why it’s among the highest paying electrician jobs.

It’s a truly great job for people who like the outdoors. There’s even a possibility that you would be able to rise up in the ranks to design and oversee the maintenance and installation of new systems.

Average salary: $54,390 (Indeed)

7. Solar Electricity Installer


Solar electricity is becoming very popular today, both in commercial and residential usages.

As a result, solar installers are in high demand, which is why they’re among the best paying electrician jobs.

This job requires you to work outside, sometimes on the roofs of buildings installing the entire system that powers a home or building using just the power of the sun.

It’s very possible that the pay of this job will only continue to increase, as the demand for solar systems increases as well.

Average salary: $62,439 (Indeed)

Trend on the Rise

The global pandemic had a huge effect on solar installations in the U.S., with them dropping by 20% year-over-year. But, they rose again in 2021 and are expected to be in high demand going forward. As solar systems become more affordable, too, many more homeowners are likely to convert, creating a long-term demand for installers.

6. Industrial Electrician

Industrial electricians are always in high demand, which is why it’s among the highest paying electrician careers.

This job involves maintaining and repairing electrical equipment that’s located in manufacturing and commercial settings.

With so many different large systems requiring equipment that’s powered by electricity, it’s such a hugely important job.

If you’re looking for a specialty as an industrial electrician, working on oil rigs could pay exceptionally well because of the danger and isolation associated with it.

Average salary: $63,412 (Indeed)

5. Electrical Inspector

Electrical systems can be dangerous, especially if they’re not operating correctly. That’s why it’s very important that they are inspected on a regular basis.

The job of an inspector is to make sure that all systems are up to code and working properly.

The great part about this job is that you can work for government agencies, for big companies or even on your own as a home inspector, for example.

Average salary: $63,664 (ZipRecruiter)

4. High Voltage Electrician

If you’re up for a little danger, then this job could be for you. You will work to install, repair and maintain various electrical systems, specifically on some that deal with high voltage.

Examples could include troubleshooting the reasons for power outages, which could involve climbing up electrical towers and/or power lines.

You’ll need to be OK with heights, as you’ll often find yourself suspended high in the air when you’re doing your work.

Average salary: $67,839 (ZipRecruiter)

3. Lighting Engineer

Lighting engineers will work hand-in-hand with lighting designers (more on that in a bit) to set up and test electrical systems and lighting on stage.

Lighting is very important to recorded and live entertainment, which is why these engineers are in such high demand.

It’s a challenging job, but it’s also an important one. Plus, it’s a little different than some of the other high paying jobs on this list for electricians.

Average salary: $70,900 (ZipRecruiter)

2. Lighting Designer


There are many different ways you can take a career as an electrician. One way that is in high demand today is as a lighting designer.

This specialty can be used in homes and businesses, but can also be used on stage for theater productions, sports games and concerts.

This is a great job for people who have the chops to be an electrician but also have a knack for creativity through visual design.

Average salary: $73,709 (ZipRecruiter)

1. Automation Technician

Automation is the name of the game in a number different industries, and a number of different systems need to work with automatic systems as a result.

Electricity is no different, and an automation technician will make sure that these systems work with automatic controls.

The technicians help design and set up the systems, as well as help customers set the particular settings that they desire, based on their needs. They will also install and repair these systems.

Average salary: $78,106 (Indeed)

Wrapping Up

These are some of the highest-paying jobs that you can get as an experienced or just-starting-out electrician, which shows the true potential of the field as a career path.

One thing you’ll notice by reading over the above list is that there are many opportunities to start small and build a long-lasting career that pays very well.

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