How to Make Money on Discord (11 Best Ways Today)

by Erin Schollaert


Discord has been extraordinarily popular for the last six years, and that speed isn’t slowing down any time soon.

With over 300 million followers and a 290% revenue growth from 2019 to 2020, many want to figure out how to make money on Discord with this generally untapped market.

There are tons of options available, so let’s dive into the best ways to make money on Discord because this app could be your calling.

Can you make money on Discord?


The short answer is yes! Anyone can make money on Discord if they have the drive and time to do so. Some people build it into their full time gig and others keep it as a great side gig.

However, it takes time to build a large server and people skills to create a community where people will want to be active, trust you, and be willing to spend money on you or the products you endorse.

Real Life Example 1

Ritesh Verma owns a studying and SAT prep Discord server and offers this as a community for people to prepare for college tests.

Within six months of starting his discord server, he gained over 3,000 followers, charging at a rate of $15 per user per month.


After six months of running this server, he was able to gain a total of $3,800. Although this isn’t a livable wage: for only having the discord server for six months, he was able to build up a steady revenue that continues to grow.

Over time this server will continue to grow and spread and can be a great inspiration for those looking to start a server. So if you’re wondering how do influencers make money, Discord can be a viable income stream.

Real Life Example 2

YouTube user Nointro Tutorials also explains that he was able to make money by partnering with companies and working as an affiliate to gain money for each of their sales.

For example, he worked through NordVPN and made money for every signup his community members made through his link.

Nointro Tutorials says that he averages about 5% of users to buy subscriptions, and he gains around $12 per subscription. If you can gain a large enough community, this can translate into serious money.

There’s a ton of opportunity on Discord, and it’s even an avenue to make money as a teenager.

How To Build A Community


If you don’t have a community, you won’t make any sales. Of course, it’s important to have a sizable number of users in your server, but if you’re unable to get them to click links or motivate them to make purchases, then it’s going to be an uphill battle.

So try to cultivate a community of people above the age of 18, who have access to their own money and are passionate about whatever you offer.

To build your community, you can advertise on other servers, but you should also use other social media where you may have a following to drive traffic to Discord.

It can take time, especially if you don’t use social media marketing in this way, but you can do it if you have something unique to offer.

1. Make Your Server For Paid Members Only

Earning potential: $15 per user per month

If your server can offer unique information, like tips on studying as Ritesh Verma does, or links and art you don’t host elsewhere, you can charge for monthly subscriptions so that people have to pay to get an invite.

Some bots can boot people who stop their membership but to sign them up, use a site like LaunchPass that can automate most of the process for you.

The information you release through your Discord must be up to date, interesting, and active every month. If you stop posting or don’t have any new information for your community, you could lose subscribers and income in the long run.

2. Advertise Other Servers

Earning potential: $10 per 1,000 users

Many server owners are also struggling to make their servers grow and get out there. Because of this, if you have a large server of at least a thousand dollars, you can make $10 per ad.

The most popular place to advertise this type of transaction is on sites like Fiverr, which allows people to contact you directly and pay for this service.

Have screenshots to show your server is real and active and that the users aren’t purchased. The more users in your server, the more you can get.

The largest server on Discord right now is a Fortnite server with over 800,000 users, which means the top you can make on an advertisement is $8,000 if you were able to grow to this size.

Since Discord is constantly growing in users, this could be an eventuality for some servers.

3. Keep A Donation or Tip Jar


Earning potential: 70% of each donation.

Server owners can set it up so that their Discord allows donations. This can be done either through bots or through discord apps that can be added on.

Unfortunately, when you receive donations in this way, you lose 70% immediately to Discord.

However, this is part of what keeps the app up and running and is comparable to what YouTubers get from their community donations (YouTube also takes a 30% cut of all subscriptions).

If you want to get around this, you can link PayPal donation options, but these take longer for users to donate and may discourage them from sending money.

4. Get Sponsored to Run Advertisements

Earning potential: $100 per 1,000 users

Although advertising another discord server won’t bring you a large income: advertising products or items that require users to click outside of Discord will.

There’s no set price list for discord influencers, but the payment rates stay pretty close to those of influencers on apps like Instagram or Twitter. Of course, the more followers you have, the more money you can make.

The nice thing about advertisements, rather than affiliate marketing, is that you get a flat amount of money and don’t have to worry about pushing the product or trying to raise your income to reach a better amount.

But, unfortunately, this does create a lid on how much you can make off of your advertisements, so if they do really well, you won’t make more money off of them despite the company you’re advertising making more.

5. Become an Affiliate and Market to Your Server

Earning potential: $12 to $30 per purchase

Affiliate marketing is a great way to see how active your users are and how many of them are willing to follow links and make purchases.

This type of marketing has been all over social media, from Instagram to Youtube, and is only recently hitting Discord.

Affiliate programs allow you to offer a discount to your users, and those who purchase through your links will earn you money for every completed transaction.

The best-known brands that do affiliate marketing are NordVPN, SquareSpace, and multiple mobile game platforms that use this to advertise.

The more active your user base is, the more money you can gain. Unfortunately, the inverse is true, and if your users don’t click links or make purchases, you could end up not making any money.

6. Link A Patreon for Unique Content


Earning potential: $1 to $20 per user per month

Patreon has been a large source of income for many creators. However, it’s important to know that they take out a portion of your earnings, between 5% to 12%, so what you make in total will be discounted before receiving it.

The best use for this is if you have multiple places that you have a following, like Discord, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram: you can include bonus content in one place that they can all find it.

You have to sell the value of whatever you’ll host on Patreon so that people will be willing to make monthly commitments. Depending on the demand for whatever you offer, it’s possible to make tens of thousands of dollars per month on Patreon.

7. Use Bots for Tipping

Earning potential: 100% of donations

If you don’t want to go through a donation link or lose 30% of your tips and money to Discord, you can use a bot like Donate Bot to encourage people to donate without losing much money.

The most you may have taken out is a transaction percentage from PayPal, but even that is something that would be taken out when Discord sends your payments. Users only have to type ‘/donate’ for this function to work.

8. Host A Site Where You Sell Tutorials and Guides

Earning potential: $1 to $29 per purchase

If you have skills that are unique enough to be able to build a community around, whether it’s writing, art, game design, or some other talent: consider selling tutorials on the side.

You can do this by writing and self-publishing e-books or creating tutorial videos that people have to pay to access.

The more unique your skills are, the more likely you’ll be to find a niche audience who’s interested in purchasing from you.

Although it’s good if you have a skill of any kind, if you’re not able to create a pocket for yourself in the market, you’ll be struggling to compete against every other professional in your field.

9. Get Your Long-Term Projects Funded Via Kickstarter or GoFundMe

Earning potential: $0 to $30,000 depending on success

If your community is based around video game design, or you’re a musician, and your server is about your music: you can crowdfund to raise money for these projects you’re working on.

Although it’s not failproof, and over half of projects won’t be fully funded: if you have a good enough plan in place and an active community, you can grow sufficient interest to make it succeed.

This project must be something that makes sense for the community, will benefit it somehow, and will allow them to feel like they’re a part of something large.

Otherwise, they may feel like they’re being taken advantage of and could go as far as leaving your community altogether.

10. Offer Paid Channels in Your Discord

Earning potential: $5 to $30 per user per month

Although this is similar to having a fully paid server, allowing most of your server to be free with some locked paid channels can be a better option in some situations.

This layout ensures that more people can join your community, get to know the people and what’s offered here: and you can entice them into buying access if they want further information or items that you can set behind a paywall.

This plan ensures that you can grow your community exponentially, people can come and go as they please, and that you have a captive and interested community to advertise your paid sections to.

Following this idea is the best choice for someone who already has a massive server and doesn’t want to reformat it or create a new one to make money from it.

11. Grow and Sell Servers

Earning potential: $100 per 1,000 users

If you’re good at growing communities but aren’t interested in maintaining and keeping up with a discord server, in the long run, it may be a good idea to make and sell servers.

It’s vital that your server only has legitimate active users, that you can prove they’re in chat and that you didn’t pay for bot follows, and that your role as the server owner isn’t personally tied to you.

Avoid basing servers around your skills or your personality because this can cause massive amounts of people to leave the server if you leave. You can sell your server on multiple sites, so shop around and look for one that you can trust and is allowed where you live.

Wrapping Up

Although the term influencer has become unpopular in recent years, the way you have to advertise yourself and work to gain an income while running a popular discord server follows the same lines of an influencer.

Make it clear what people can do to support you, and keep active so the income is steady enough to live off of!

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