26 Highest Paying Retail Jobs: 2022 Guide

by Erin Schollaert


Retail work is a rite of passage for most Americans.

In fact, studies show that 60% of workers have retail experience of some sort, and nearly a third of those same Americans claim their retail experience was their first job.

The best paying retail jobs are a hot commodity, and there’s a lot of competition for who can outscore them. Here are the top 26, and other perks these businesses offer to keep their employees happy.

26. Walgreens


Over 120 years old, Walgreens is the one-stop-shop for anyone with the sniffles.

Workers claim that this chain is both the best for flexible schedules, and its pay starts $3.75 above minimum wage which is an incredible drive to apply.

There are over 9,000 stores that are open for hire in all fifty states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands.

Average Pay: $11 (Glassdoor)


25. Macy’s

Macy’s is one of the most well-known stores in the country, with branding tying it to Christmas and happiness. For employees, this generous attitude is kept up to some degree.

Not only do they offer employee discounts on everything from shirts to mattresses, but they also provide health insurance and vacation days off for full-time employees.

Those are a few of the reasons why workers find it to be one of the best retail jobs they can land when they need cash now.

Average Pay: $12 (Glassdoor)

24. Lowe’s


This North Carolina native home improvement store has helped people create their dream living space for over a hundred years.

Employees applaud the room for upward movement within the company and are very optimistic about the amount of instruction about products and customer care.

Health insurance is more expensive than other companies, but previous employees say the generous vacation policy and 10% employee discount makes Lowe’s one of the best retail jobs.

You might already enjoy spending time at Lowes if you gravitate towards hobbies like carpentry and landscape design, both of which are popular side hustles for men and women.

Average Pay: $12 (Glassdoor)

23. Sam’s Club

Owned by the Walmart Company, Sam’s Club is a big box store that offers discounts for those who want to buy in bulk.

Over 10,000 employees work for Sam’s Club, and there are a wider variety of jobs than for most other retail spaces.

The benefits are nothing extraordinary, matching up to 6% on 401ks and some good flex paid time off.

With these perks, it’s easily one of the best paying jobs in other specialty stores.

Average Pay: $12.42 (Glassdoor)

22. Nordstrom


From its beginnings as an upscale shoe store, Nordstrom has kept its high-class fashion sense and moved that attitude over to how it treats its employees.

Those who have worked for Nordstrom point out how heavy training is, and how much time is spent on their feet gathering customer goods.

Nordstrom matches four percent of employee 401ks, offers ample vacation time, and has a great health insurance layout. Learning how to negotiate salary can be another way to bump up your compensation here too.

Average Pay: $12.44 (Glassdoor)

21. Coach

A design house for high-end goods ranging from clothes to bags, Coach is proudly an American-owned and run business that works to bring sophistication and class into everyone’s lives.

Employees for Coach say that these stores are an overwhelmingly positive workplace, with 75% saying their time here was well spent.

Their health insurance plans, and vacation days off, fall within the average for most companies.

Average Pay: $12.47 (Glassdoor)

20. Jared Galleria


This 111-year-old jewelry store prides itself on offering memories through jewelry and giving people the chance to purchase something that may eventually become a family heirloom.

Those who have worked for Jared Galleria are very polarized about it, either saying it was one of the best retail jobs they’ve had or that they regret applying.

Most of the negativity is because upward mobility in the company is challenging to achieve.

Average Pay: $12.58 (Glassdoor)

19. Staples

As a company that creates goods and furniture for other companies to purchase, Staples is more than aware of how entry-level employees can make or break a company and treats them well.

Staples offers fantastic discounts to employees, which could be why this is a must-have job for anyone who’s currently going to school or who has a child in school.

Average Pay: $12.68 (Glassdoor)

18. Aldi


Aldi, owned by the same company as Trader Joe’s, has a highly unique employee layout. Every employee does a little bit of every job.

This ranges from stocking to checking customers out to cleaning the aisles and straightening products.

A long list of employee benefits makes it one of the best-paying retail jobs.

The perks can inspire confidence in anyone who works for Aldi, with perks ranging from discounts to paid holidays and generous vacation times off.

Average Pay: $12.70 (Glassdoor)

17. Saks Fifth Avenue

Another high-class store, Saks, is proud to offer high-quality goods at a price that can be hard to compete with.

Employees rave about the discount they get on these otherwise expensive products, and although some have said the company could be disorganized at times, most agree that it’s worth it for the perks that come with the work.

Average Pay: $12.74 (Glassdoor)

16. Home Depot


A Georgia native company that’s a top competitor with Lowes, this company brags that most Americans live within 10 miles of one of these stores.

Most employees say they love working here, with only 10% percent having anything negative to say.

There are good inexpensive health insurance options, plenty of paid time off and vacation time, and a discounted 401k plan that most employees like to get in on.

With a base pay of 13 dollars, this is a great deal and one of the best-paying retail jobs out there.

Average Pay: $13 (Glassdoor)

15. REI


This sporting goods store is in a league of its own, and is the only one of its kind on this list. Open for 80 years; this chain prides itself on treating its employees like a team that has to work together to succeed.

90% of current employees say that they’d refer a friend to work there as well, and the benefits ranging from employee discounts to time off can show why!

Average Pay: $13 (Glassdoor)

14. CVS

CVS is one of America’s most recognizable brands, with over ten thousand stores in the USA alone. Matching 401k up to 5%, they also offer the classics like discounted health insurance and paid time off.

Unfortunately, some employees have complained about the health insurance expense but overall is high on many people’s list of best retail jobs.

Average Pay: $13 (Glassdoor)

13. Bloomingdale

This division of Macy’s Inc has been making a name for itself for the last 160 years.

Most employees love that the employee discount is enormous, especially during appreciation days, yet some still have troubles with how they’re told to push credit cards onto customers.

If you don’t mind upselling, this could be the job for you!

Average Pay: $13 (Glassdoor)

12. Best Buy


Best Buy is a giant in the technology shop market. Offering competitively low prices on modern life necessities, this shop does everything it can to keep its employees happy.

Most employees say they like the work environment, while others say the discounted goods make working here worth it.

Offering tuition reimbursement for those who want to make the most out of working here also has a great 401k plan.

Average Pay: $13.24 (Glassdoor)

11. Dillards

Dillards is a fashion and furnishing store that works hard to ensure every aspect of your life is beautiful. Those who work here get to enjoy a steep 25% off employee discount, higher than most on this list.

Great paid vacation and off-work days make this an ideal place for someone who wants a good life-work balance.

While not top of the list, many people work at Dillards as a great second job due to the benefits.

Average Pay: $13.41 (Glassdoor)

10. GAP

GAP is a clothing and lifestyle department store that aims to keep up with American youths’ looks.

An employee discount of 50% pushes this shop to the top for anyone who’s really into their fashion and allows you to save more money than you would be just shopping with a coupon.

Health insurance and 401k start after ninety days, but they have good reviews from employees.

Average Pay: $13.67 (Glassdoor)

9. The Container Store


This company thrives on organization, to the point that every employee is thoroughly trained and well-vetted before they hit the floor.

Selling organizational things can be fun, especially with their employee discount, but some employees mention that they feel micromanaged and that the benefits don’t make up for that oversight.

There is a 401k plan, but previous employees haven’t said if the company matches.

Average Pay: $13.91 (Glassdoor)

8. CarMax

Striving for honesty, clarity, and a new way to buy vehicles, CarMax works hard to set itself apart from the competition.

Employees get a massive discount on cars, $300 off the front lot sticker price, and wholesale price for some older vehicles.

This gives them the chance to purchase wholesale cars to flip for supplemental income if they want it.

Average Pay: $14 (Glassdoor)

7. HEB

This company is only in Texas, but it’s made a big name nationally because of what it’s accomplished in the Lone Star State.

Proud to pay double what minimum wage current is, this store offers a wide range of jobs ranging from overnight stocking to cashier work.

Offering abilities to own stock, a competitive 401k plan, and excellent insurance, it’s no wonder that most employees say they’re happy working for this company.

Average Pay: $14.50 (Glassdoor)

6. Whole Foods


Part of Amazon, Whole Foods is a grocery chain that thrives on offering food that’s better for you and more responsibly sourced than the average grocery chain.

An employee discount of 20-30% off means that employees can save money on their monthly bills while still getting healthy and delicious food.

There are some complaints that health insurance has hit an uncomfortable high, but it might be worth it with all of the other perks!

Average Pay: $16 (Glassdoor)

5. Trader Joes

Trader Joes thrives on hiring friendly people to keep business up and customers happy.

Cutting back costs by having employees do a little bit of everything; every employee is called a Crew Member since they’re not delegated to a straightforward job.

Thankfully, they turn those savings to their employees, where they pay higher than the national average at $16 an hour.

If you need a more flexible work schedule but like this job type, food delivery apps are a great option too.

Average Pay: $16 (Glassdoor)

4. Costco

Not only does it offer steep discounts on goods for customers, with most of its income coming from memberships every year, but it also shows that if you appreciate your employees, they’ll do better work for you.

By paying employees more, they reduce turnover rates and can save money in the long run.

The benefits package is also incredible, offering excellent health insurance and a week of vacation after only working there for six months.

The pay, the benefits, and the respect the company gives its employees make it one of the best retail jobs around.

Overall, the Costco culture is laid back relative to other retail jobs, making it a great potential job for people with anxiety.

Average Pay: $16 (Glassdoor)

3. Safeway


This discounted grocery chain offers delicious food at lower costs and then invests its employees’ profits.

Although it has a competitive benefits package, with discounts and an excellent 401k plan, many employees complain about scheduling uncertainty.

If you don’t mind having shifts at different times, and on different days, from week to week, then this might be the place for you.

Average Pay: $16.34 (Glassdoor)

2. Target

As one of the most instantly recognizable brands, Target has a lot to offer its employees.

This good general store, ranging from clothes and toys to food, provides an employee discount that is enough to make it worth working here.

The health benefits range from dental to vision, and employees have a long list of financial services and even protect them from identity theft.

Before applying, make sure to brush up on your interview skills, it’s one of the most common reasons people can’t get a job.

Average Pay: $19.40 (Glassdoor)

1. Shane Co


This high-end jewelry boutique is as fantastic as it is uncommon. With only twenty stores in thirteen states, Shane Co works to make a name for itself.

Its employees appreciate that it is one of the best-paying retail jobs, yet there are some complaints about the health insurance plan, which doesn’t kick in until six months of working there.

If you don’t mind paying a high deductible and love the glitz and glamour of jewelry, this could be the place for you!

Average Pay: $20.88 (Glassdoor)


These companies know that employees value their time and need to be compensated fairly for it.

Although some may have their failings, their effort to avoid paying minimum wage, and possibly double or triple it, should be celebrated!

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