LinkedIn Stars Unique Approach To Get People Hired statistics show that 49 million people use the network to search for jobs weekly, and companies hire six people through LinkedIn each minute. Users submit 77 job applications every second. But headhunters and recruiters have a great way of targeting potential job candidates. Just look under the #hirethishuman and #hypethishuman hashtags on LinkedIn. There, … Read more

How the Hidden Job Market Works (Career Expert Tips)

If you read career advice blogs, or have ever worked with a career coach, you’ve probably seen articles about the hidden job market.  These mysterious jobs are reportedly not posted anywhere publicly – leaving job seekers to wonder how to find them. What is the hidden job market? Clients often ask me “what is the … Read more

How to Ace a Video Interview (Career Expert Tips)

With more companies hiring people to work remotely, video interviews are growing in popularity with employers.  This means “acing video interview” needs to be a new skill to add to your job-search arsenal. The thought of a video interview may make you nervous, but they are not any more difficult than in-person interviews. Let’s explore … Read more

How to Ace a Phone Interview (Career Expert Tips)

Sometimes the first step in your interview process will be a phone interview. Before job applicants are invited to meet with interviewers in person, a company will often use phone interviews to narrow down their choices.  This means a key skill for job seekers is to know how to ace a phone interview.  Your mission: … Read more

How to Hire an Amazing Freelancer (Expert Tips)

Business owners often need people to handle tasks that they or their staff are too busy to complete themselves.  Hiring a freelancer can be a great solution. Worried that you don’t know how to hire a contractor? It’s easier than you think! Let’s explore how to hire a freelancer and what things you should consider … Read more

Feeling Stuck? How to Find a Career You Love

If you start dreading your return to work on Monday before the weekend is over, it may be time to change careers and find a job you love.  Since the pandemic hit, workers have been reevaluating their work lives. For many, this means making a career change.  What does it take to change careers? Let’s … Read more

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