18 Glaring Indicators of a Poor Education

by Emily Clarkson

There is more to educational achievement than a degree or diploma, it involves common sense and other abilities such as critical thinking and having the ability to express yourself clearly and accurately. There are some signs that show if a person is or isn’t poorly educated, and a lot of signs that tend to hint towards it.

Poor Listening Skills

If you’ve been introduced to effective education, then you’ll have an emphasis of great communication, and this includes active listening skills. If you struggle to pay attention to what people are saying, then this is usually a big hint that there have been gaps in the education received.

Critical Thinking

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If you accept things at face value, it usually means that you lack critical thinking. In order to have critical thinking, it means that you spend time questioning some information instead. Most of the time, the skill comes from good education, and if you lack the ability to offer critical thinking, then this is usually a hint that you’ve neglected it through your educational background.

Abstract Thinking

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This is the ability to look further beyond what information is already given or what’s tangible. There are more ideas than what’s in the box, and if you struggle to see this then you might have had a lack of quality education.

Badly Formulated Arguments

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You may have had a lack of good education if you have an inability to articulate a logical and clear argument. You will be able to give a better argument for things if you’ve had a good education, because you will be able to demonstrate understanding and be able to communicate your viewpoints effectively.

Not Able to Understand Satire

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You need to have a level of comprehension and critical thinking skills in order to have satire. If you don’t understand satirical content then this can mean that you’ve had a bit of poor education.

Limited Vocabulary

Vocabulary is used every day, and we need it to form basic sentences and have general conversations with individuals. If you struggle with limited vocabulary, then this can indicate a lack of exposure to good education.

Lack of General Knowledge

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We all gain knowledge through conversations, watching TV, reading books, etc. but if you have a lack of that knowledge and awareness, then this can cause big problems and scream uneducated. Basic science, current affairs and geography should be known by everyone.

Basic Concepts Confuse You

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There are concepts that are taught universally, and if you struggle with this simplicity, then it could be because of a lack of education. There are basic concepts in everything, including geography, math, history and science.

Structured Thinking is Difficult

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You are able to organize thoughts logically if you have structured thinking, but if you struggle with it, then this can indicate poor education.

Lack of Curiosity

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There is a curiosity that we all gain from the moment we’re born and open our eyes. We become curious about everything in life, and there is a strong desire for us to learn things all of the time. However, having a lack of curiosity is a problem, and is a hint that there has been a less comprehensive education.

Unfamiliar with Basic Historical Events

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If you’re completely unaware of historical events that every school and education system should teach, then you have probably had a limited exposure to history education. History is an important topic in school because it gives us an identification on what happened before us and why we’re at the stages in life that we are.

Reliant on Stereotypes

If you become reliant on assumptions and stereotypes in conversations then this could mean that you’ve had a lack of education. The learning of being un-biased in situations encourages a tolerance and understanding of different perspectives and cultures.

Struggle with Basic Numeracy

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Maths might not seem important when we’re sitting in school doing it, but when it comes to adult life, we need basic maths skills in order to get by. We use it for telling the time, working and of course, in order to work out basic numerical tasks. Without this basic numeracy skill, there is a suggestion that there has been a gap in education foundation.

Difficulty With Writing

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As soon as we learn our grasp, we tend to aim for pens and pencils, and this is when we become curious with writing. Writing is a skill that we need every day, we use it for grammar, spelling and punctuation. Without this, it could mean there has been a lack of good quality education.

Spreading Misinformation

It can be an indicator of poor education if you tend to spread false or unverified information. Having good education encourages a responsibility and understanding of information sharing.

Inability to Acknowledge Errors

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If you have an inability to accept when you’re in the wrong, then this can be a sign of limited education. If you’ve been given a good education, then you are more likely able to know and accept when you’ve done something wrong.\

Absence of Fact Checking

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Being in a bad education system could make you think that everything you gain in the form of information is to be taken at face value, and you lack the ability of fact checking. This can lead to a constant mis-leading of information and also put you in a vulnerable situation.

Unable to Accept Different Viewpoints

If you struggle with accepting any viewpoint that is different than yours then you might have a bit of a problem with certain aspects in life, and this could be a cause from a lack of good education.

Thinking the Earth is Flat

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We all know, because of science, that the earth is round. We have photographic and scientific evidence. Anyone who thinks that this evidence isn’t real, probably means that they didn’t have the right education when it comes to geography.

Not Wanting to Learn

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If you’re someone who avoids learning new things, then it’s as if you’re saying no to a giant plate of pancakes for breakfast. If you haven’t had a solid foundation within your education, then you’re probably one of these people who just decline any new learning.

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