10 Best Tesla Forums and Chatrooms for Tesla Owners 2024

In the world of electric vehicles (EVs), engaging forums and chatrooms serve as dynamic hubs for enthusiasts with shared interests. Tesla, the pioneering automaker led by Elon Musk, has indelibly shaped the all-electric and auto sectors with its groundbreaking vehicles, including the iconic Tesla Roadster and electric SUVs. Dedicated forums tailored to Tesla owners provide vibrant spaces for collaboration and exchange of experiences. Insightful discussions about electric motors, powertrains, lithium-ion batteries, and charging stations. These interactive platforms inform the Tesla community about the latest developments in EV technology, from advancements in battery pack efficiency to updates on new car models. As EVs continue to gain traction, these forums play a pivotal role in fostering camaraderie among Tesla fans, contributing to the collective knowledge and passion for emission-free transportation.

10 Best Tesla Forums and Chatrooms that Tesla Owners can Join in 2024

Tesla Owners of Silicon Valley

Also known as TOSV, this is a community of Tesla owners, fans, and believers of the company. This online club or forum helps owners thoroughly enjoy their automobiles and everything they have to offer. The club also helps educate the community about electric cars while supporting the company’s mission towards sustainable transportation. The club started with a group of individuals who shared interests, and it has now become a thriving community of eco-conscious individuals who celebrate technological innovation. The club organizes regular meet-ups, educational events, and even road trips to showcase the personalities and ideas of the community members.

Tesla Owners Online Forum

The Tesla Owners Online Forum regularly hosts discussions on the performance of electric cars, charging, reviews, models, modifications, etc., all to spread information and educate members about the cars they own. Members can connect with other Tesla owners and have discussions about their cars, software updates, road trips, etc. Members of the online forum can also seek guidance or advice from other community members who may have more knowledge and experience with owning a Tesla vehicle. 

Tesla Motors Club

This is an online community of electric vehicle enthusiasts who have come together to discuss various Teslas topics. The club provides tools that help community members communicate with each other, share information, and exchange thoughts and ideas. Within the club, community members can join various sub-forums created to discuss specific Tesla vehicle models. These include a forum for Tesla’s Model S, Model 3, Model X, Model Y, Cybertruck, Roadster, and more. This club provides Tesla owners one of the most active and comprehensive communities dedicated to all Tesla vehicles.

Tesla Motors

This is one of the largest online communities of Tesla owners and enthusiasts on Reddit. Although it is an unofficial forum for owners and enthusiasts, it boasts a community of over 2.5 million members who share their thoughts and discuss all topics related to Teslas. The forum members share their views on various Tesla models and their reviews on best-selling vehicles. They also discuss tech modifications made on Tesla cars, upgrades, and issues potentially arising from all cars. The community remains very helpful towards one another and provides genuine advice for those who seek it through the forum. 

Speak EV Forum

This forum is for Tesla owners who discuss topics related mainly to the Tesla Model 3 vehicle. The forum is a community of Tesla owners who want to stay updated on the latest news about the Tesla Model 3, which is a car unlike any in major car companies like Porsche or Mercedes. The forum is full of suggestions, opinions, and reviews posted by members who either seek the help of other community members or provide sought-after advice. Members of the forum can carry out conversations with other Tesla owners while also being a part of a more exclusive forum full of members who share something in common.

Tesla Model Y Forum

Tesla owners who own the Tesla Model Y or want to learn more about the Tesla model can join the Tesla Model Y Forum. The forum provides owners and enthusiasts with a space to have enlightening conversations related to Tesla’s crossover sport utility vehicle, or SUV. Discussions in the forum mainly surround vehicle specifications, battery technology, faults, and vehicle technical issues or share general information about the Tesla model. This dedicated online forum also helps members connect with other Model Y owners and seek advice from individuals who know the car well. 

Tesla Bot Talk Forum

Tesla owners and enthusiasts come together on the Tesla Bot Forum. While the primary focus revolves around the Tesla Bot, discussions occasionally cover other Tesla vehicles, including the latest electric sports cars and hybrid electric options. The Tesla Bot Forum, designed as an interactive and welcoming platform, embraces various topics—from kilowatt-hour efficiency and mileage to superchargers to the latest infotainment features. This community-driven forum is a testament to the camaraderie among Tesla owners and enthusiasts, providing a comprehensive space for exploring the latest advancements in Tesla’s electric car lineup and fostering a shared passion for innovative automotive technology.

InsideEVs Forum

The InsideEVs Forum has a specialized sub-forum designed for Tesla owners and enthusiasts. Tesla fans can join specific sub-forums dedicated to various Tesla models and vehicles. These forums discuss performance evaluations, specifications, consumer reports, and vehicle updates. Topics span a wide range, from the evolution of Tesla’s manufacturing at the Fremont facility in California to the specifics of the electric version, zero emissions, and the intricacies of plug-in electric vehicles. The InsideEVs Forum is a dynamic space for individuals keen on exploring and sharing their knowledge about Tesla and other electric vehicles. It provides a wealth of information on aerodynamics and fast-charging technologies. 

Cybertruck Owners Club Forum

Centrally focused on the Tesla Cybertruck, the Cybertruck Owners Club Forum is an online nexus for Tesla Cybertruck owners, where members share thoughts, opinions, and ideas about their driving experiences. This dedicated hub brings together owners and Tesla enthusiasts, offering a platform for questions, discussions, and exchanges related to the Cybertruck. Beyond the Cybertruck, the forum extends its inclusivity to encompass discussions on various Tesla models, such as the Model X and Tesla Model S P85D. Topics span a wide range, including the all-electric range, fuel efficiency, charging costs, and unveiling new Tesla models. As a dynamic community, the Cybertruck Owners Club Forum provides a space for engaging conversations on Tesla vehicles and innovative electric cars.

Reddit Tesla Lounge

This group is formed on the Reddit platform for individuals who want to discuss various Tesla vehicles. The group has a community of Tesla individuals with relaxed and casual conversations about all kinds of Tesla cars and trucks, including discussions about Model Y, Cybertruck, etc. Group members can also connect with like-minded individuals and share ideas or concerns about a Tesla vehicle, driving rangeregenerative brakingtop speed, the EV Market, etc. The sub-Reddit group has a community of over 118k members and provides genuine feedback and reviews to all kinds of queries posted on the group. 


There are many electric vehicles like the Kia Soul, Nissan Leaf, Chevy Bolt, and several models from Jaguar and Volkswagen, too, but the fanaticism for these vehicles can’t compare to that of Tesla’s. Musk has created a range of cars that change the fuel economy, with their lack of dependence on gasoline and other fuels. The Tesla cars delve into a growing mass market where cars operate on battery packs that help to keep greenhouse gas emissions in check. These chatrooms and forums provide Tesla owners with a safe and inclusive space to discuss all car features like their acceleration, autonomous driving, or other topics about various competitor electric models. They help owners and enthusiasts learn all about the maintenance involved in owning an electric green car, educating them about vehicle charging, charging stations, and all that these cars have to offer. 

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