Out with the Old: 18 Gen X Fads That Millennials and Gen Z Just Can’t Vibe With

While some old habits die hard, there are some things that Gen X need to eliminate as they are no longer relevant.


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Gen X has long been accused of being cynical, but people are over the glib outlook on life. We live in a problematic world, so we need as much positivity as possible. This is why older generations, plus the influential Gen Z, encourage personal growth rather than being down in the dumps about everything.

Working Long Hours

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Many Gen X are workaholics and need to learn how to create a good work/life balance that does not bode well. People need to find time to relax and leave their work laptops to practice good self-care. GenZ is leading the way in the importance of good mental health practices, and it is about time Gen X got on board.

Not Trusting Tech

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We cannot escape technology as it runs almost everything in our lives, but Gen X is still skeptical about its merits. Many Gen Xers love to use traditional methods to work things out, which can mean spending hours trawling encyclopedias rather than using Google or writing letters rather than getting too used to email. Clinging to the past may be cute in many ways, but it is about time Gen Xers moved into the 21st century.

Oversharing on Social Media

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One area of technology that Gen X embraced with zest is social media. They embraced it so much that they got into the habit of oversharing by telling the world every little detail about their life. Current generations are more content with holding some personal stiff back and staying out of the public eye, something that they are encouraging Gen X to consider.

Dismissing Social Media

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While some Gen Xers are busy oversharing on social media, others are fiercely against it due to their lack of trust in technology. Gem Z is busy promoting their businesses online, connecting with old friends, dating, getting great ideas for their new home, and all of the other benefits social media brings, all while Gen X is left behind.

Ignoring Mental Health

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Gen X is getting better at acknowledging mental health issues, but there is a long way to go. For too long, Gen X has shown a lot of attention to their physical health but has neglected to look after their feelings and emotions. Gen Z recognizes the importance of good self-care and managing priorities so that their mental health doesn’t suffer.

Showing Disrespect

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Gen X love to be assertive, and as leaders, they can be straight to the point and dictatorial. However, times have changed, and to create a more harmonious working environment, Gen X are being encouraged to show more respect in the workplace by being kinder to colleagues, even if they are superiors.

Not Being Grateful

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Gen Xers are often perceived as being ungrateful as they have enjoyed the privileges that their baby boomer parents passed down. In this day and age, people need to work hard for what they get, and things do not always come easy, something some Gen Xers do not find easy to acknowledge.

Being Unkind to The Youth of Today

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With a lack of gratitude comes an attitude that the youth of today are not as good as they were when they were kids. Gen Xers must notice the genuine skills and talents that younger generations have to remember that when they were kids, they, too, made mistakes.

Relying on Computer Games

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Gen Xers’ overemphasis on mobile games may have started as harmless fun, but now it often leads to excessive screen time and distraction from real-world connections. It’s time to rekindle our love for outdoor games, hobbies, and personal interactions.

Being Tied to Brands

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Gen Xers are incredibly loyal to their favorite brands, but they may not consider the environmental impacts. Younger generations are choosing which brands they buy from carefully as they consider the ethics of the brands with a high focus on how sustainable they are.

Ignoring Environmental Issues

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Gen Xers need to focus more on the environment as a whole, not just on what products to buy or not to buy. There needs to be a significant shift in attitude to help younger generations spur things on in all aspects of securing a green future for generations to come.

Use of Plastic

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One of the biggest things that Gen Xers can do to improve their environmental credentials is to stop their addiction to single-use plastic. There are lots of sustainable options out there, so bottled water and disposable takeout cartons need to take a backseat.

Taking Dress-Down Fridays Too Far

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Dress-down Fridays were all the rage in the not-so-distant past, but some Gen Xers have taken things a little too far. While it is good to have a more relaxed environment, it is important to maintain professionalism and not to go over the top with a casual approach to work.

Being Too Reliant on Material Possessions

Gen X has a lot of stuff! With an over-reliance on material possessions, whether it be the latest car model, bookshelves in every room, or a pair of shoes for every outfit, they are most definitely not minimalist. Younger generations like to buy only what they need to put their money into experiences rather than possessions.

Strict Parenting

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Many Gen Xers took their parenting techniques from their parents but have somehow adopted a stricter approach. Today’s generation is taking a more child-led approach, and while there are boundaries in place that are much less restrictive than Gen X parents.

Eating the Same Food

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Gen X knows what they like, and they stick to it, which means they are less likely to try new things. Younger generations are all about experimenting with memes embracing recent food trends such as being plant-based to protect the environment and embracing food from world cultures.

Avoiding Computers

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As mentioned earlier, Gen X does not like tech, which means they always get out of learning about it by simply saying, “I’m not a computer person.” Such excuses not only mean they are missing out, but also they may not be pulling their weight in the office.

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