Slipping Standards: 18 Modern Trends Highlighting a Decline in Our Moral Fabric

We all get caught up in certain societal trends without knowing how bad they are for us. We look at what things we get praised for when in reality, they are bad for us.

Working Long Hours

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Getting a good work/life balance is something that many of us strive for. At least, that is what we are told we should do. Too many people feel pressured to work long hours to meet the demands of high-pressure jobs and make more money. You may get a pat on the head from your boss, but eventually, you will burn out, and your boss will not be the one who looks after you.

Getting Drunk

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Whether it be having one too many beers on a guys’ night out or reaching for the wine glasses as soon as you get home from work, alcohol culture is celebrated as the norm for many. However, excessive alcohol consumption is responsible for many diseases, including diabetes, obesity, and cancer, so we should all watch how many units we consume.

Celebrity Culture

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Celebrity culture is as big as ever, and many fans have a seemingly unhealthy attachment to their favourite star. It is nice to show appreciation for people, musicians, and movie stars, but when stalking your favourite reality TV star takes over your life, it is time to reassess your priorities.

Lack of Sleep

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If you are constantly being told you are hardcore for needing just a few hours of sleep a night, you are talking to the wrong people. Functioning on a few hours of sleep may be ok in the short term, but it is not sustainable in the long run. Our bodies need rest and recuperate as we sleep, and 3-4 hours a night is not going to cut it.


Materialistic woman.
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It is easy to get caught up in our financial status and constantly strive to make more money. When making money at other people’s expense or neglecting other areas of our life, having a lot of money is not necessarily a good thing.

Large Breasts

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Men may enjoy large breasts, and some women may enjoy having them, but while they may look good, they do not often feel good for women. Large breasts can cause a lot of back and shoulder pain and can be very uncomfortable for women during their menstrual cycle.


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Some people treat politicians like they are celebrities. While they have an important role, they are to be treated as public servants alongside anyone else who works to support the country. The god-like status some politicians have means that they rest on their laurels and do not always get stuff done.

Beauty Pageants for Toddlers

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Beauty pageants are not for everyone, but each to their own. Suppose you are an adult, that is. When it comes to toddler beauty pageants everyone quietly smiles and says how cute the kids are but deep down, they wonder how parents can exploit their kids that way. Quite frankly, toddler pageants are unethical and should be banned.

Bragging About Not Reading

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Many people cannot wait to tell people they don’t read, but we cannot fathom why. Telling people that you have not read a book since high school and the only reading you do is read a magazine at the doctor’s surgery is not impressive.

Moral Outrage

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People seem outraged by anything and everything these days, and while a lot of ranting may be warranted, some people take it too far. When you are constantly outraged, it can appear like you are trying to be superior to others which is not a good look.


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Parenthood is great for so many people, but not everyone is cut out to be a parent and people should stop putting pressure on those who have no desire to have children. One of the worst things people can say to people who do not want children is that they will regret it, but those people say ”Mind your own business.”

Alpha Guys

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People who class themselves as alpha could be any more cringe. Giving yourself a label to rank yourself within society is not something to be proud of and if you pay attention, most people will be trying to get away from you rather than celebrate your greatness.

Glorifying Serial Killers

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With so many serial killer documentaries on Netflix and crime dramas on every channel, people become obsessed with the lives of serial killers. The level of interest some people have is worrying and just plain creepy!

Andrew Tate

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Speaking of admiring people with questionable lifestyle choices, the praise people heap on Andrew Tate is concerning. Not only is the man misogynistic and has used homophobic language, he is now under investigation for criminal offences yet people still idolize him.

Beauty Standards

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While it is good to look after yourself, some of today’s beauty standards are putting way too much pressure on people, especially women. There is pressure for people to have breast and butt enlargement, botox to get rid of wrinkles, and a million different treatments for skincare. It is hard to keep up and some people are buckling under the strain of trying to look good.


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We are living in a material world and when we are trying to fight climate change, it is sickening how much we are wasting. Everyone wants the latest sneakers, handbags, cars, and interior trends, but some people have more money than sense.

Romanticizing Mental Illness

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It’s great that we have a better awareness of mental health and notice when people may be suffering, but some people take it a step too far. Yes, acknowledging your mental health issues and talking about them to others is good, but let’s not make it your lovable quirk.


It should go without saying that trolling is bad, but when Twitter and other social media platforms are filled with it, the message is not getting through. While most trolls are anonymous, calling out those we know who troll is essential.

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