Changing Times: 18 Jobs Millennials are Phasing Out

Numerous jobs have become endangered or obsolete because of the rise in technology. The Covid-19 crisis also didn’t help with certain jobs as a lot of companies were unable to survive through the pandemic, and also workers had to change from an office job, to working from home. Here are some endangered jobs that we’re … Read more

LinkedIn Stars Unique Approach To Get People Hired statistics show that 49 million people use the network to search for jobs weekly, and companies hire six people through LinkedIn each minute. Users submit 77 job applications every second. But headhunters and recruiters have a great way of targeting potential job candidates. Just look under the #hirethishuman and #hypethishuman hashtags on LinkedIn. There, … Read more

Top 20 Lazy Girl Jobs That Pay Well in 2024

Today, people want jobs that allow them more control over their schedules. Additionally, people also want jobs that pay well and that offer various kinds of perks and benefits. Many call these jobs “lazy girl jobs,” referring to jobs that can be done remotely without the standard 9-5 and without the pressure of feeling obligated … Read more

How the Hidden Job Market Works (Career Expert Tips)

If you read career advice blogs, or have ever worked with a career coach, you’ve probably seen articles about the hidden job market.  These mysterious jobs are reportedly not posted anywhere publicly – leaving job seekers to wonder how to find them. What is the hidden job market? Clients often ask me “what is the … Read more