How the Hidden Job Market Works (Career Expert Tips)

If you read career advice blogs, or have ever worked with a career coach, you’ve probably seen articles about the hidden job market.  These mysterious jobs are reportedly not posted anywhere publicly – leaving job seekers to wonder how to find them. What is the hidden job market? Clients often ask me “what is the … Read more

How to Ace a Video Interview (Career Expert Tips)

With more companies hiring people to work remotely, video interviews are growing in popularity with employers.  This means “acing video interview” needs to be a new skill to add to your job-search arsenal. The thought of a video interview may make you nervous, but they are not any more difficult than in-person interviews. Let’s explore … Read more

How to Ace a Phone Interview (Career Expert Tips)

Sometimes the first step in your interview process will be a phone interview. Before job applicants are invited to meet with interviewers in person, a company will often use phone interviews to narrow down their choices.  This means a key skill for job seekers is to know how to ace a phone interview.  Your mission: … Read more

How to Hire an Amazing Freelancer (Expert Tips)

Business owners often need people to handle tasks that they or their staff are too busy to complete themselves.  Hiring a freelancer can be a great solution. Worried that you don’t know how to hire a contractor? It’s easier than you think! Let’s explore how to hire a freelancer and what things you should consider … Read more