When does Goodwill Restock & Other Shopping Secrets

Although you can find great stuff on Goodwill shelves most of the time, the best items are found after a restock.  Why?  Because it’s brand new inventory that hasn’t been picked over by other shoppers yet.  You might be wondering, when does Goodwill restock?  After years of shopping at Goodwill, I’ll share their most common … Read more

Mercari Review 2023: After 18 Months Using the App

When I first used Mercari about 2 years ago, I was surprised by the experience.  This app quickly made a name for itself among other major marketplaces. Why?  Because Mercari is committed to creating the easiest to use online marketplace out there, and who doesn’t want that.  Here’s my Mercari review after using the app … Read more

What are Thrift Stores & Why People Love Them

Thrift stores are unlike any other business. You’ll find items you couldn’t find anywhere else. Not only that, thrift store prices are incredibly low compared to other stores. I’ve been to countless thrift stores over the years, and will explain what is a thrift store and why you’ll love visiting one.  What are thrift stores?  … Read more

How to Shop Estate Sales for Better Deals (My Experience)

Estate sale shopping is like modern day treasure hunting.  You’ll find deals that don’t exist anywhere else.  How do I know this?  Because I’ve been an avid estate sale shopper for years, and found unbelievable stuff.  Today, I’ll share how to shop estate sales so you get the best deals, and helpful estate sale tips … Read more

How to Buy on Craigslist Safely in 2023 (My Experience)

Craigslist isn’t like other marketplaces.  Its appearance hasn’t changed in decades, yet it receives more views each month than Netflix (according to Business Insider).  Craigslist keeps it simple, which is why people love it, and also why people are skeptical, often asking is Craigslist safe? I’ve bought numerous items on Craigslist over the years, and … Read more

How to Sell Car Parts in 2023 (+ Free Value Guide)

Selling used car parts online can be highly profitable.  Why?  Not only do 92% of Americans have a car, but cars are one of the most expensive things we own (ValuePenguin).  This means, the selling prices are high and the market is massive. Today, I’ll share exactly how to sell car parts effectively, based on … Read more

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