Changing Times: 18 Jobs Millennials are Phasing Out

by Emily Clarkson

Numerous jobs have become endangered or obsolete because of the rise in technology. The Covid-19 crisis also didn’t help with certain jobs as a lot of companies were unable to survive through the pandemic, and also workers had to change from an office job, to working from home. Here are some endangered jobs that we’re sure won’t be around in 2030, just 7 years from now.

Telephone Operator

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With the chance of blocking out spam calls on our mobiles, and being able to identify these calls as well, there is little chance that Telephone Operators will still be working in 2030. Even when we pick up the phone thinking that it isn’t a telephone spam call, we can easily hang up and ensure that we make a note of the number and not answer it again.

Door-to-Door Salesmen

Thanks to camera doorbells and being able to identify who is at our door without opening it, door-to-door salesmen don’t have much luck in the future. Back in the day, it was common for salesmen like this to show up with a suitcase full of goodies, but things have changed. They have become more persistent and end up making us feel aggravated. Thankfully though, we’re able to get everything we need with online shopping and this has ultimately decreased the appeal of doorstep selling.

Fast-Food Cook

It seems that more than ever, people are turning towards a healthier diet or more plant-based options. This means that the unhealthier options of fast-food have died down in popularity. With the rise in healthy eating and promotion of home cooking, it won’t be long before fast-food restaurants and those in that line of work will find a decrease in employment.


Woman holding cash.
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The need for cashier’s in stores is becoming less and less, especially with the rise in self-service. Even though there are a few people who still enjoy the interaction with cashier’s, coins have been swapped for cards, and realistically, they aren’t needed. Not only do people prefer to use the self-service checkouts, but online shopping is more popular now than it ever has been. We had to adapt to not going out during the pandemic, and because of the convenience of not having to leave the house, and your shopping being brought to your front door, the appeal of going into a shop isn’t worth it.

Movie Rental Clerk

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With the rise in streaming services such as Hulu, Disney+ and Netflix, there is very little need for DVDs, and this means that movie rental clerks just aren’t required anymore. We all have good memories of going to a store with our parents and choosing a movie to rent for the weekend, but this is a distant memory that isn’t likely to reappear. The fact that we don’t have to leave our rooms in order to watch a good movie, is more appealing than bringing that memory back to the forefront.

Data Entry Clerk

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Data Entry Clerks aren’t needed anymore with the introduction of AI. It’s all automated, and this means that people don’t need to sit at their laptop for hours on end putting in the data from companies. The job has become obsolete due to software programs that make everything much easier.

Bank Teller

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It’s rare that we’ll take the time to go into the bank to cash money in or even take money out. It’s more common in the older generation who aren’t very tech savvy, but otherwise, for millennials, it’s a simple double tap on the phone and you can pay for items. Paying in money is easier than ever as well, and sometimes, it’s not even a requirement to go into the bank. This means that bank teller’s aren’t needed as much as they once were, and within a few years, there will only be a couple working for the older generation. Money management is easier than ever with apps and mobiles.

Coal Miner

This was a very popular job, once upon a time. However, with the shift towards renewable and cleaner energy sources, this leaves coal miners without a job.

Meter Readings

Thanks to technology and companies creating apps for ease and convenience, meter readers won’t be needed in a few years. We’re able to input the data directly into our phones that get sent to the companies, and this means that the manual meter reading is being slowly switched off.


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You’ve probably experienced the persistent calls from telemarketers interrupting your day to sell you something. However, due to the fact we’re able to identify callers before answering is a blessing, and this means that we’re able to ignore the calls completely and block the numbers. Telemarketers don’t have much to sell anymore with the influx in online shopping, so the calls aren’t needed.

Retail Middleman

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It seems that a retail middleman is kept completely out of the loop now that there are direct-to-consumer brands. It seems that there is more authenticity in buying straight from the source, this also offers better prices which leaves the retail middleman job in the shadows.

Textile Machine Operator

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The textile industry is being completely reshaped due to the boom in online shopping, and as millennials become conscious of ethical manufacturing, the textile machine operators are out of a job. Due to handmade and unique fashion becoming more desired for, this job is getting closer and closer to unemployment.

Factory Worker

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Due to the rise in technology and the advancement in such things, there are literal robots that are taking over most jobs, including those of factory workers. Robots are faster, cheaper, don’t complain and also don’t need as many breaks as humans. Many people are becoming more aware of the poor working conditions within factory working, too and so this means that this job role is one that is dying out fast.

Newspaper Reporter

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Again, thanks to technology and the improvements that are being made every year, including updates and ensuring that consumers are getting the very best of everything, Newspaper Reporters won’t be needed. We can access the news via our mobiles and this method is more popular than going to the store in order to buy a traditional paper.

Travel Agent

When you’ve got the holiday apps on your phone, there is no real need to go into a travel agent to speak to someone face to face. We can look for, book and pay off our holidays all at the end of our fingertips. Even if there are amendments that need to be made to bookings, you’re able to do that without even communicating with anyone. This means that travel agents will be packing up their brochures and packing in the job before we know it.

Postal Worker

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The game for postal workers has been completely changed thanks to companies like Amazon. Not only that but once upon a time, there was a need to write letters to family and friends in order to keep in contact with them, but because of technology, instant messaging and emails, there is really very little need for postal workers. Even if you’re expecting important mail, sometimes this is communicated via email.

Taxi Services

Full-time taxi drivers have had to take a backseat thanks to the rise of Lyft, Uber, and other ride-sharing services. There is a cost-effectiveness with these services, as well as convenience, which means that taxi drivers who charge full whack and aren’t always available, aren’t needed as much. Not only that, but companies like Uber are able to be booked via an app, whereas small-town Taxi companies haven’t yet crossed this bridge, and so, they are less opted for.

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