68 Millionaire & Billionaire Statistics You Didn’t Know

The top one percent of wealthy people on Earth hold half of the world’s finances. Most people are at least curious how these billionaire and millionaire statistics can be true. Although no amount of rich people facts can guarantee a spot in the 7 figure club, it can be a great inspiration for those who … Read more

102 Online Business & Startup Statistics You Didn’t Know

Looking for online business statistics to help grow your business? We’ve collected 102 online startup facts that span from e-commerce, to lead generating so you can better understand which way your business should be run. In addition, we’ve uncovered top marketing insights for online businesses backed by data, and other interesting internet business statistics to … Read more

How to Sell Stamp Collections for Top Dollar in 2023

Whether you’re a stamp collector ready to cash in, or you’ve inherited some old stamps, you might feel overwhelmed when it comes to how to sell a stamp collection. Selling stamp collections isn’t terribly difficult, but it starts with knowing what you’re working with. We’ll cover how to appraise your collection, and the best ways … Read more

We Analyzed 537,117 Pokémon Card Sales, Here’s What We Learned

We analyzed over half a million Pokémon card sales on eBay, and found some shocking statistics. Over the last year, Pokémon card values have skyrocketed, with 6 figure card sales becoming more common than ever before. Many sellers are cashing in on the opportunity and even getting into flipping Pokémon cards as an effective way … Read more

How to Get Rich: 11 Things to Help Make You Wealthy

Minds are on money more than ever before. Most Americans are still recovering from the financial gut punch delivered by the pandemic, and want to make smart money decisions this year. Some experts recommend tucking 10% of your money into your savings, while others disagree and say that’s nowhere near enough to retire on. Instead … Read more

Best Time to Buy a House in 2023 (Industry Expert Tips)

Buying a house is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make in your life. Not only is it a large financial investment, but it’s also a huge emotional one.  So, what is the cheapest month to buy a house?  While there are many factors to consider, with the market constantly changing, these tips … Read more

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