15 Reasons You Can’t Find a Job & How to Fix Them

The job search often feels like looking for a needle in a haystack. Recruiters and hiring managers however know exactly what it takes to win the job offer, a.k.a. where the needle lies. In a recent study, hundreds of career advisors weighed in on their top reasons applicants didn’t get the job. We expanded the … Read more

How to Get a Job in Marketing in 2023 (My Experience)

Marketing continues to be one of the best career options for great work life balance and high earning potential. Luckily, it’s very possible to break into the industry without traditional experience. Today, I am going to reveal exactly how to get a job in marketing with no professional experience or marketing degree. I was in … Read more

41 Best Jobs for People with Anxiety in 2023

If you have anxiety, finding the right job can feel overwhelming. So we compiled an in-depth list of the best 41 jobs for people with anxiety, to make your career search simple! Jobs are grouped by interests and job type for easy navigation: Artistic Outdoor Night Shift Helping Other People Detail Oriented No College Degree … Read more

25 High Income Skills to Supercharge Your Earning Potential

Learning high income skills is the cornerstone of a low financial stress life. Meaning more financial stability for your family, more access to opportunities, and ultimately more freedom. Today we’ll unpack the 25 most high paying skills to learn, how to master them, and careers they work well with (including estimated salaries). High Income Art … Read more

Is Marketing a Good Career? My Experience After 3 Years

Having worked for an Inc 5000 marketing agency and a multi billion dollar retail company, I’ve seen first hand what a marketing career is actually like. Unlike most, I got my first marketing job without traditional experience about 3 years ago. Today, I’ll highlight my biggest takeaways and lessons learned from working in marketing so … Read more

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