19 Top Paying Jobs Without a CV (No Resume Jobs)

by Timothy Ronaldson


If you don’t have any work experience, you may be looking for jobs without a CV.

You might think that this isn’t possible, or that all jobs without a resume are low paying, but that’s not true.

There are plenty of rewarding, fun and high-paying jobs you can get without a resume or a degree. In fact, some start at more than $50,000 per year.

Here are 19 of the highest paying jobs without a CV.

19. Bartender

Want to work in a fun atmosphere where you get to meet new people? Being a bartender could be a great fit for you.

This job doesn’t require a resume in most cases, because owners of bars and restaurants just want to see if you can make good drinks.

You can also be taught on the job by other bartenders or managers.

Even though a CV is not required, make sure you avoid the common reasons people don’t get hired during the selection process.

While the median salary isn’t very high, you can make a lot of money being a bartender in certain areas or certain restaurants/bars.

Median Salary: $27,955 (Indeed)

18. Professional Angler


If you like the open water and being outside, then this is a job that could be great for you.

Professional anglers don’t need to have prior experience to get a job, as it’s a learn-on-the-job type of gig.

Depending on the type of boat, catching fish can be quite relaxing and so it can be a great job for people with anxiety or frequent stress.

Anglers get to spend every day outside on the open sea, challenging themselves to bring in bigger and bigger catches.

Median Salary: $28,530 (Work.Chron)

17. Security Guard

Being a security guard doesn’t require any special schooling or degree, which is why it is one of the most popular jobs without a CV.

The company that hires you will simply train you on the job responsibilities, including what’s expected and how to use any of the equipment they have.

Being a security guard can be very fun, as there isn’t one set field you could be protecting.

Although there are jobs with no uniforms required, this one does have a dress code, but there is some flexibility in attire depending on the company.

You could do everything from guard a museum to a bank or even an amusement park.

Median Salary: $28,808 (Indeed) 

16. Debt Collector

Most companies that hire people to collect outstanding debt don’t require a resume or prior experience.

Instead, they rely on their own in-house training to get people up to speed.

While people don’t have the best views on debt collectors, they do a very important job in ensuring companies collect money they’re owed.

It can actually be a very rewarding experience as you help both debtors and creditors get on good terms.

Median Salary: $30,680 (Indeed) 

15. Veterinary Assistant


If you love animals and helping them, then being a veterinary assistant could be perfect for you. This is among the best entry-level jobs without a CV.

All that is typically required for this job is a high school diploma or equivalent.

While you may need to get some certifications, most of the training will be done in-house.

In addition to helping furry friends, this job could allow you to eventually grow into a high-paying position.

Median Salary: $31,502 (Salary.com)

14. Technical Support Representative

If you have in-depth knowledge about how a specific product works, you could be a great technical support representative.

In this case, the job is very specific, so past work experience isn’t really necessary. You’ll just have to demonstrate your knowledge of the product you’ll be helping customers with.

Unlike many jobs it’s also a feasible job to make money when injured, since you are only relying on your voice.

This is a great job for you if you’re passionate about a specific product. You’ll get to share that passion and knowledge every day with others.

Median Salary: $33,092 (Zippia)

13. Customer Service Representative

Companies in all industries need to hire customer service representatives to help their customer base.

This is one of the most common jobs without a resume that people apply to, because it’s a great way to get your foot in the door.

This is a fast-paced and sometimes high-pressured job, but it can be rewarding, too.

You get to help people every day and solve problems that could be causing them a lot of frustration and angst.

Median Salary: $33,650 (Glassdoor)

12. Delivery Driver

If you’re looking for jobs without a resume, a delivery driver could be a good fit for you.

These jobs don’t require any previous experience or a resume at all. Instead, they just require a valid driver’s license without many infractions (if any at all) on it.

Today, you can be a delivery driver on your own time, too. You can work “gig” jobs for companies big and small that allow you to make your own hours. I tried grocery delivery from Whole Foods recently, and was quite impressed.

If you like driving to see new places while listening to music while you work, this could be a great job for you.

Median Salary: $34,730 (USNews)

11. Human Resources Assistant

While you may think that an HR assistant would require a resume, it often does not.

That’s because while it is an office-based position, it is an entry-level one where you can learn a lot on the job.

Some companies may require experience with customer service or as a secretary, but many do not.

This can be a really fun position, as you’ll be learning the ins and outs of not just your position, but of how a company runs from the inside-out.

This could set you up for a much bigger role in the future, in any number of areas.

Median Salary: $35,797 (Payscale)

10. Medical Assistant

If you want to get into the medical field but don’t have any experience or schooling, you can go the route of medical assistant.


Many health-care facilities don’t require a resume or previous experience for this position.

If you’re a recent college graduate, this could be a great way into the medical field.

No two days are the same when you’re a medical assistant, which makes it a fun and exciting environment to work in.

Median Salary: $36,856 (Salary.com)

9. Construction Worker

Construction workers get to work with their hands all day and build things that people use and marvel at.

A lot of the skills you gain as a construction worker happen on the job. As such, it’s one of the more popular jobs without a CV.

Construction work isn’t all brunt force, either. It takes a lot of skills and knowledge that you can use in many other aspects of your life, which makes it so cool.

Median Salary: $36,860 (USNews)

8. Garbage Collector

Most people wouldn’t look at being a garbage collector as something to strive for, but it’s really a great job.

Not only are you helping people out with something they don’t want to do, but you’re keeping your community clean.

In addition, you get to be outside every day, and often make great benefits working for a good private company or even local municipality.

This job can actually lead to high-paying jobs in the future, too, as you work for a town’s public works department.

Median Salary: $37,840 (USNews)

7. Groundskeeper

Many people get this job as part-time work that’s done seasonally. However, there are full-time groundskeeper positions that don’t require a resume to apply.

Caring for things like flower beds, grass, and shrubbery can be quite routine, which is why this is also a fantastic job for people with slow processing speeds.

You will be responsible for upkeep of the overall grounds of different estates, recreational facilities, hotels and more.

This job requires a lot of physical labor, but it does take you outside which is a sweet perk.

In addition, it’s quite fulfilling to see the fruits of your labor with designs and gorgeous landscaping.

Median Salary: $38,694 (Salary.com)

6. Medical Billing Specialist

Medical billing specialists work with patients, insurance companies and health-care facilities every day.

It’s a really fun and exciting field to work in, and it also helps you gain knowledge and be better informed about your own health-care.

This job doesn’t require a CV because much of the work is taught on the job.

This is one of the fastest-growing fields in the country, too, meaning the salary could soon begin to rise.

Median Salary: $42,647 (Salary.com)

5. Public Relations Assistant

If you’re looking for a fast-paced and high-pressure environment that can also be very rewarding, then being a public relations assistant could be a great job for you.

This job helps PR professionals manage the public perception of other people and companies.

You get to learn a lot about public relations, marketing and advertising as well as communication with this job.

Median Salary: $46,569 (Glassdoor)

4. Police Officer

Police officers have to go through a lot of training, oftentimes at a police academy.

But you don’t need to have a resume to apply for this job, since it’s often a person’s first job out of school.

This can be a tough job, of course, but it can also be very rewarding. You’re not just catching bad guys, but helping out people in your community every day, too.

Median Salary: $58,600 (Salary.com)

3. Real Estate Agent

Many people who become real estate agents either have no previous work experience, or their experience is in an unrelated field.

This is the primary reason a resume isn’t required for this job.

One of the great benefits of being a real estate agent is that you can make your own hours and work for yourself — even if you’re associated with an agency.

You can use creativity to stage, list and market homes, and use negotiation skills to benefit your clients.

One thing to note is that the salary of a real estate agent varies greatly by state, from as low as $34,000 in Louisiana to as high as $77,000 in Alaska.

Median Salary: $59,630 (Forbes)

2. Sales Representative

Sales representative is one of the most common, and sought-after, jobs in the country.

Every company needs good sales representatives and they are always looking for them.

With this job, you don’t need prior experience, as you can learn it all on the job.

Being a sales rep can be extremely rewarding, both personally and financially. You get to share a passion for your company’s products/services every day, and reach goals all the time.

Median Salary: $64,405 (Indeed)

1. Equities Trader

This is a very exciting job that can be hugely financially rewarding for both you and your clients.

Every day, you’ll be trading stocks and shares as you try to beat the market.

This job doesn’t require a CV, but it will require some basic schooling and then some certifications.

It’s a fast-paced environment for sure, and the sky can really be the limit for your income.

Median Salary: $84,541 (Glassdoor)

Wrapping Up

Not every job requires a resume for you to get the job.

While some of these jobs without a CV above are entry-level positions, many can be a lot of fun and lead to some very high-paying jobs.

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Tim is a classically-trained journalist who loves to share knowledge and information with others. In the past, he has worked in TV, online and print media, and currently works with companies to help design, create and strategize their messaging.