Do Pawn Shops Buy AirPods & How to Boost Payouts

by Timothy Ronaldson

You may be looking to make some extra money by selling things around your house that you no longer use. It’s a great way to make some extra cash, for sure.

As such, you may be asking do pawn shops buy AirPods? The popular earphones from Apple could make for a great re-sale item.

Below, we’ll discuss pawn shops that buy AirPods, as well as how you can get the most money for them.

Where can I sell AirPods for cash?

There are many different places where you can sell your AirPods for cash. 

While most people will simply trade them in at a local Apple Store or other retail store such as a wireless carrier and use the trade-in value to upgrade, you can also sell them directly to get money.

Here are some of the top places where you can sell AirPods for cash:

  • Amazon Marketplace – Amazon will actually pay you directly for selling your old AirPods. They’ll even take completely broken old AirPods.
  • 9to5 MyPhones Unlimited – Just like Amazon, this site will pay you cash for your old AirPods. They don’t buy as many AirPods as Amazon, but may give you more for them.
  • BuyBackElectronics Site – This site will pay top dollar for used AirPods, but they also are very picky about which ones they choose. So, your AirPods will have to be in good shape.
  • Pawn shops – Do pawn shops take AirPods? Yes, they do, and they are a great place to sell them because they cash on the spot. They’re also always looking for good electronics.


Tactic for Success

If you are wondering if pawn shops take AirPods, the answer is yes. If you’re wondering what you should do before you sell or pawn them, the answer is clean them. The better the AirPods look to pawn shops — and other sites — the more you’ll get for them.

Trend on the Rise

AirPods are a very popular Apple product. In fact, the company has sold more than 150 million units to date. Each year, this number has increased, too, which means they are a very popular item to re-sell because everyone wants them but maybe can’t afford a new pair.

How much can I sell my AirPods for?

There is no one straight answer to how much you can sell your AirPods for. How much pawn shops pay depends on many factors.

The reason for that is there are many different things to keep in mind that would affect how much you get in return.

On average, the resale rate of AirPods for Generation 1-3 is right around $50. Buyback stores may pay a few more dollars than that. 

If you’re looking for a bigger payout, try one of these items to pawn for a lot.


The factors that will affect the re-sell price of your AirPods include:

  • Its Generation – The newer the AirPods, the more money you can sell them for. Third Generation Airpods can sell for more than $50, for instance, while Second Generation might sell for $30.
  • Its Condition – The better condition the AirPods, the more money you’ll get for them. AirPods in Mint condition are likely to sell for around $10 more than those in Good condition.
  • Where You Sell Them – You might be able to get more money for your AirPods at online marketplaces, though the sites may be pickier and it’ll take longer for you to get your money.

How to Get the Most Money for AirPods

The condition of your AirPods is one of the most important factors that will determine the ultimate selling price. 

In addition to treating them well while you own them, there are some things that you can do to get the most money for AirPods when you’re selling them to a pawn shop.

The most important thing is to clean your AirPods and the charging case to make them look like new. 

When any product looks used and dirty, people are going to be turned off by them. 

They might think you didn’t take good care of them, and they’re likely to want to pay you less for them than they’re worth.

Improving the appearance of your item is one of the top tips when learning about selling to a pawn shop.

So, the first thing to do before you sell your AirPods is to clean them thoroughly. 

You can use a microfiber cloth to clean the AirPods as well as the charging case, and remove any sticky debris with a cotton swab. 

Don’t use any liquids when you’re cleaning them, as that could damage the electronics.

Sell the AirPods and the Charging Case Separately

Another tactic to maximize the selling price of your AirPods is to sell the actual AirPods and the charging case separately. 

Plenty of people have AirPods but have a charging case that is broken or no longer working. 

You can get good money by selling the charging case as a separate item altogether — since replacement components for this are very expensive.

Pawning works because people need or want what you have and are willing to pay the pawn shop for it.

In fact, you might be able to sell the charging case alone for the same price as everything together. 

This, then, would allow you to sell just the AirPods as a separate transaction. 

While you might not get a great haul for just the AirPods themselves, it would be added money to what you already got for the case.

Wrapping Up

If you’re looking to sell your old AirPods for cash, pawn shops are one of the best places where you can sell them. 

Pawn shops are always looking for electronics to purchase so they can re-sell them, and they will offer a decent price for them and pay cash on the spot. 

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Tim is a classically-trained journalist who loves to share knowledge and information with others. In the past, he has worked in TV, online and print media, and currently works with companies to help design, create and strategize their messaging.