15 Best Jobs Apps in 2023 (Get Hired Fast)

by Erin Schollaert


It’s common to treat finding a job like a full-time job until you’re hired: but with how many options are out there, it can feel like you’re spending more time signing up for apps and websites.

These are the best jobs search apps, what they bring to the table, and how you can turn around your career hunt with just a few clicks.

1. FlexJobs


Top job types: everything from accounting to creative writing.

Why it’s unique: verifies all jobs and employers for authenticity.

Due to how unpredictable online hiring can be, FlexJobs puts an emphasis on only offering screened and verified companies and jobs.

This allows job hunters to find reliable and predictable work without fear of getting scammed by the companies they apply to.

Tactic for Success

When applying for work on apps like FlexJobs, read every listing carefully and make sure you tailor your responses and resume to fit these jobs the best. Companies don’t want to feel like you’re spam applying. Follow these best tips for finding a job to give you an edge over the competition.

2. LinkedIn

Top job types: eCommerce, healthcare, and business jobs are most common.

Why it’s unique: treats job hunting similarly to social media.

LinkedIn is the first of its type, allowing users to use LinkedIn as a social media site geared specifically towards job hunting.

Word of mouth is one of the most powerful ways to find work, whether for a big corporation or working for a startup, and this is one of the best apps to find jobs that will utilizes this strategy.

3. Glassdoor


Top job types: information jobs, technical jobs, and writing jobs.

Why it’s unique: beyond job hunting, you can also review and read reviews on companies.

Glassdoor is a fantastic app for getting into details about the companies you’re considering working for and leaving reviews for companies you’ve worked at.

This site is best for people who want to avoid mass-applying and want to leave focused applications instead.

Ways to Use Glassdoor Beyond Job Applications:

  • Check if Employees Like Working ThereYou don’t want to work somewhere that makes employees miserable; checking reviews will help you avoid this.
  • Look at Pay Rates for Asking Salaries – Checking pay rates will save you the trouble of applying somewhere that doesn’t pay what you need, and give you the option to negotiate your salary.
  • Single Out Companies With the Perks You want – Looking for specific perks can help you get your dream job.
  • Ask Companies Questions Before Applying – Being able to talk to companies and ask questions ahead of time makes them look forward to your application.

4. Indeed Jobs

Top job types: tech and computer engineering jobs.

Why it’s unique: Indeed is experience-oriented, which allows you to find jobs based on skills instead of just education.

Indeed allows users to search from millions of job listings from around the world or narrow it down to jobs within your local zipcode.

Being experienced and skill-based ensures that you can show off what you’re capable of doing instead of having to worry about your degree.

5. Snagajob


Top job types: gig and writing jobs.

Why it’s unique: quick responses and all companies are verified.

If you’re working around a set schedule and want to find something to squeeze into your scheduled off hours: Snagajob is perfect.

Not only do you get to create your own schedule, but you can find jobs anywhere you want.

6. Upwork

Top job types: digital assistant, voice acting, creative writing.

Why it’s unique: it allows you to create multiple profiles for each job type on one account.

Upwork offers a mix of gig-related and long-term jobs based on your needs.

To protect funds and ensure you get paid for your work, Upwork escrows the funds for each job until it’s completed, so you’ll be protected and paid.

Trend on the Rise

Upwork has over 145,400 clients that spend $2.52 billion annually, so there’s a lot of work out there for anyone who can snag it. Although there’s a competition to succeed here: if you can make a name and a great profile for yourself, you’ll succeed. It is even possible to make money on Upwork without skills.

7. Monster


Top job types: SEO writing, proofreading, logo designing, local retail jobs.

Why it’s unique: a massive database of both local and international jobs.

Monster is one of the best-known job hunting sites because of its large number of listings available both internationally and locally.

Paid add-ons have made it lose popularity in recent years.

8. LinkUp

Top job types: logo designing, digital marketing, content writing.

Why it’s unique: works with market data to ensure every job listing and application are well matched.

If you want to find a company that’s the perfect fit for yourself without having to jump through a thousand hoops for it, LinkUp can help match you with the best jobs possible.

This caters jobs to your needs instead of making you hunt them down.

Before Linking Social Media:

  • Edit Public Permissions Edit what posts and images are public to avoid a poor reflection on yourself.
  • Search Your Name – Search your name to see what posts and tweets show up first: then curate to protect yourself from looking inappropriate.
  • Consider Work Profile – Having a profile on Instagram or Twitter that’s for jobs, and professional interactions allows you to keep a personal one private.
  • Have a Friend or Coworker Review – Having someone review your work-based social media can ensure it looks good.

9. Fiverr


Top job types: graphic design, photography, content writing.

Why it’s unique: simple, quick gigs that allow customers to come to you.

This gig-based app offers the chance to either reach out to clients or offer gigs as a single-purchasable listing on your page.

Allowing you to set your own prices, Fiverr encourages customers to buy multiple times, which can turn into long-term clients.

Check out these tips on how to make money on Fiverr without skills to improve your odds of securing the right clients.

10. CareerBuilder

Top job types: writing and SEO, coding, and website building.

Why it’s unique: offers resources to make you more hirable when you’re job hunting.

If you’re trying to climb the corporate ladder and want to aim upwards as much as possible, CareerBuilder is a great site to work off of your current work history.

Although this is one of the oldest job hunting sites, it, unfortunately, hasn’t progressed much in recent years.

11. JobAware

Top job types: virtual assistant, digital marketing, article writing.

Why it’s unique: leverages social media mixed with comprehensive application processes.

Focused on helping you leverage social media, JobAware requires you to be open about your online activity to help employers show that you’re respectable and a serious option for their company.

Many create fake social media specifically for this app, so it’s not always effective.

12. ZipRecruiter Search


Top job types: ad campaigns, virtual assistant, logo design.

Why it’s unique: an international job hunt that allows you to work any job you want.

Through a heavy screening process, ZipRecruiter ensures that only high-quality applicants are left, which saves you from competing with people who aren’t the right fit for jobs.

This ensures you have a higher chance of being employed by the right companies you want.

13. Facebook Jobs

Top job types: gig jobs and local retail.

Why it’s unique: connected to social media so you can easily job hunt whenever you want.

Hosted by Facebook, this job hunting app allows you to connect with employers through social media – ensuring that you make a real connection with a company before you start working with them.

This ensures you have easy access to applications and communication with businesses while using the job history you’ve already uploaded to Facebook.

Unfortunately, many don’t like the amount of information this hands over to the companies.

Tactic for Success

This is currently most available in America but still has people using VPNs to try to gain access and lie about their location. Try to keep your profile as honest and trustworthy as possible, so you’re not accused of being one of these fakes.

14. Simply Hired

Top job types: SEO support, local retail, content writing.

Why it’s unique: easy sorting to find jobs that fit exactly what you need.

This app streamlines the ability to connect with companies and employers as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, due to being almost 20 years old, and not updated often enough, Simply Hired has mixed reviews from users.

Trend on the Rise

More than 4.7 million people work remotely for at least half of their income in the USA: with 16% of companies going completely remote as of 2022. There are job opportunities for anyone who wants them.

15. Guru

Top job types: content writing, coding, business planning.

Why it’s unique: simple design allows this to be an easy-to-use website and application.

Although Guru is a streamlined and easy site to use and has some of the best and most reliable job listings: the lack of updates has complicated how usable this site is for some.

If you can create good applications and are willing to look past the number of site issues, this is an awesome way to find long-term clients with low competition, so you don’t have to worry about being left behind.

Wrapping Up

Whether you’re looking for a new radiology position or you want to get hired as a children’s books editor: it’s important to start from the right app.

Consider trying out some of these applications so you can find your dream job in no time!

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Erin is a business teacher and mother of three. When she’s not in the classroom or fulfilling her obligations as an A+ hockey and lacrosse mom, she’s working on her latest article.

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Erin is a business teacher and mother of three. When she’s not in the classroom or fulfilling her obligations as an A+ hockey and lacrosse mom, she’s working on her latest article.