How to Make Money with Google Maps (Ultimate Guide)

by Erin Schollaert


Making money easily and avoiding complications, is something that many people aspire to. But, unfortunately, it’s far easier to make money with Google Maps than you’d think!

Whether you know the ins and outs of SEO, or you’re ready to just help companies get the word out more and improve their listings, you’re not alone in asking, ‘how does Google Maps make money?’

This is a complete guide on everything you need to know.

Can you earn money from Google Maps?


The short answer is: yes. It’s completely possible to earn money this way.

Now, when you ask how to make money from Google Maps, it breaks down into multiple different options that we’ll run through in this guide.

The main ways to make money from Google Maps are:

  • Drop Servicingalso known as service arbitrage, this allows you to hire less expensive freelancers to complete the work you were hired for. In addition, this allows you to take on a supervising role
  • Updating Google Business Profiles – companies that are either unlisted on Google or haven’t claimed their profiles may pay you to set this up for them
  • Improving Company SEO – the higher on search results a company is, the more customers they’ll get. Many will pay you to boost their standing
  • Marketing Web Services – marketing can mean anything from social media managing to creating ad campaigns and pays well, making marketing a good career
  • Leaving Reviews for Personal Gain – if you can find the right companies, many will offer to give you free products in return for a nice review. Unfortunately, reviewers don’t usually get paid cash
  • Photography for Listings – most companies, can use a fresh face, and updating the photography on a listing can do that. You can charge well and offer a useful service

Although you may have to settle on one option for many jobs, with this type of work, you can offer all of the above services and work them all simultaneously if needed.

This ensures that your income is only limited by how many hours you’re willing to work and how much you’ll charge, making this a high paying second job.

Trend on the Rise

SEO agencies are growing at a rate of 22% yearly, which leaves a huge opening for those who want to work in the local market. This industry was worth over $51 million as of early 2022.

Can I get paid to review Google Maps?

Reviews have been an important part of businesses for as long as there’s been commerce. Because of this, it’s vital that a business has good reviews that help encourage customers to support the company.

Reviews can help you discover almost anything, from the best place to get your nails done to the best food delivery apps to work for.

What makes a review seem honest?


A fake review isn’t always obvious, but some things fake reviewers do can tip off the general public. These are things like going too far into compliments and talking about the owner’s great.

Another red flag is any review that talks more about the company itself than their experience at the company.

This can look like a review that says something along the lines of:

The Red Barn Cat is an Austin staple that everyone has had a beer or two at. The large selection and incredible service are show stoppers, and the music keeps people moving. Placed between Fifth and Crainer, it’s the perfect distance from public transit, so nobody risks driving home drunk.

This is an obvious fake review. Instead, keep the experience front and center, like this:

My sister told me about The Red Barn Cat, so I had to try it! Loved the massive menu because I got to pick out a drink I’d never heard of, and it was so tasty. Broke a heel while dancing and having fun here (a waitress was kind enough to help me!) luckily, public transit is nearby, so I didn’t have to walk far. Would love to party here again.”

This has more personality and would be seen as legitimate.

How do I contact these businesses?

The most important thing when contacting a business is to keep a professional and respectful tone. If you are good at selling yourself, this could a good way to make money at college without a job.

Almost all businesses have their phone numbers visible online, even if their company’s Google Maps page isn’t set up yet.

Call first, ask to speak to a manager or owner, and if you’re not able to get in contact with anyone, follow up with an email if they have one publicly listed.

Don’t spam or get noticeably frustrated, and if they give you a flat ‘no’, don’t press for them to change their mind beyond a reasonable amount.

If you harass a business, fewer will want to work with you and your income will take a hit.

Tactic for Success

To get the most out of your offers, show companies past reviews you’ve done and interactions from possible customers. Then, show that off if you have numbers on how this has grown a business.

How to grow a drop servicing business with Google Maps?

Drop servicing is an awesome way to run a business and have employees without dealing with a ton of the overhead.

Instead, you’ll take on work from local businesses and pass it on to a collection of freelancers that offer the work at far lower rates.


You’ll get the overhead that’s leftover, and you’ll also get all of your time so that you can enjoy doing whatever else you have to in your daily life.

Although some have raised ethical questions about this in recent years, it’s very similar to how other companies are run.

You must keep up with payments and income for tax documentation, though, or you could land yourself in hot water with the IRS.

You can find freelancers on sites like Upwork who are willing to work for less. Make sure that everything is thoroughly edited and high-quality before passing it on to a client, though.

Drop servicing is an often overlooked way to make money, much like lead flipping.

Tactic for Success

If you drop service, make sure you hire carefully and review all work before sending it off. If there is any mistake, it falls on you and can potentially seriously harm your company. Be careful

How to Earn Money From Google Street View

It’s possible to make money through Google Street View! Although this may sound impossible: it’s easy.

If Google Street View has been updated within the last couple of years, you’ll be able to look at what companies closest to you need photos updated, which need signage out front, and need more reviews.

Many companies don’t want to deal with someone long distance because they fear being scammed, so you must let them know you’re in the area.

If you can put together a portfolio, consider stopping by, or emailing the office, to let the owners know what you can offer them.

Don’t be afraid to ask what they’re looking for and figure out how to help them find that.

Can I use Google Maps to grow my own business?


If you’re running your own business, you may look at these tips and realize you can use them to further your own company for free.

First, however, you must consider the amount of time that goes into each of these tactics.

Review where your company is coming short, and consider hiring small freelancers you might have hired as a drop-service company or doing the work yourself to learn how it works.

None of these are instant wins to get your business into a higher tax bracket, but by combining them over time, you’ll be able to ensure your business thrives.

Trend on the Rise

Coined ‘pandemic entrepreneurs,’ these pros started 4.4 million new businesses in the USA during 2020 alone. In the subsequent years, we’re seeing growth and success for new business owners.

Is Google Maps feasible for a full-time job?

Considering saying that your full-time job is google maps may feel a little silly: but it’s not unheard of.

Not only does working full-time at what you’re good at offering you the chance to earn a ton of practice and skill: it also raises your chance of making a living at it.

These are the incomes you can expect doing any of the common ways to make money through Google Maps, and why it might be a smart idea to combine options instead of just picking one and running with it.

How much you can make:

  • Drop Servicing – over $3,000 a month if you’re extremely proficient, but this can be slow to build, and you should expand your reach
  • Updating Google Business Profiles – $20 to $100 each depending on the area, the details of the listing, and how large the company is
  • Improving Company SEO – $40,000 a year to improve their SEO and reach.
  • Marketing Web Services – $70,000 a year as a freelancer
  • Leaving Reviews for Personal Gain – generally, you’ll get items or services in return for leaving good reviews
  • Photography for Listings – $40,000 a year as a freelance photographer

Each of these options has its own perks, so there’s no wrong choice: but combining just a few of these with drop servicing can lead you to make over $100,000 a year.

Be clear on your expectations with clients, don’t be afraid to cold call and email, and make sure your rates value the work put into them when you’re getting paid.

Wrapping Up

Although many are concerned about making money with Google Maps: it’s completely possible!

Try some of these tips, and you’ll find yourself making easy income in no time.

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Erin is a business teacher and mother of three. When she’s not in the classroom or fulfilling her obligations as an A+ hockey and lacrosse mom, she’s working on her latest article.

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Erin is a business teacher and mother of three. When she’s not in the classroom or fulfilling her obligations as an A+ hockey and lacrosse mom, she’s working on her latest article.