Men Beware: The 18 Forbidden Phrases That Could Land You in Hot Water with Women

Men are known for putting their foot in it when talking to women, so if you want to ensure that you stay on the right side, do not say any of these phrases.

Calm Down

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Never in the history of telling a woman to calm down as a woman ever calmed down. This phrase is like a red flag to a bull, and unless you want an earful from a woman, you are best staying quiet. When a woman is angry and upset, she needs her feelings to be validated, not brushed off like they do not matter.

Asking If They Are on Their Period

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Once again, if a woman is looking emotional and upset, do not insult her by saying that she must be on her period. While a woman can become emotional when they are hormonal, there are very valid reasons for her distress, and she needs to be listened to rather than pigeonholed.

Body Shaming

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Making comments about a woman’s body, whether it be that she is too fat or too skinny, is unacceptable. There is a lot of pressure put on women to conform to unrealistic beauty standards, so she needs the men in her life not to act dumb and make comments about her body.

Ask to Speak to Her Manager

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If you ask to speak to a woman’s manager before you have even tried to let her resolve your query, you are being very disrespectful. You have to ask yourself if you would do the same if it were a man, and the answer may only sometimes be yes.

Compare Her to Other Women

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Men need to focus on the woman they are with, not the woman they have been with before, the woman in their office, or any other woman who is not the woman they want to woo. Every woman is unique and needs to be celebrated as they struggle to not compare themselves to others.

Tell Her She Should Smile More

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If a woman is not smiling in your company, then it may have something to do with you. You should never tell a woman to smile as she does not owe you one. If you happen to make a woman smile, then that is great, but it should not be available on demand.

Tell Her That It Is a Man’s Job

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In this day and age, women can do anything they want and do it well. It is an outdated idea that certain jobs are for men only, so when you tell a woman that she needs to be replaced by a man, it will not go down well.

Half-Hearted Compliments

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If a woman asks you how she looks after spending two hours getting ready, make sure you put some effort into paying her a compliment. When you tell a woman that she looks fine, you may as well tell her that she looks like she has been dragged through a hedge. Make your women feel sexy and wanted as fine as doesn’t wash with anyone.

Criticize Her Make-Up

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Women love to wear make-up to express themselves and make them feel good about themselves. While not all women want or have to wear make-up, if they have put in the effort, then the least you can do is notice and not criticize them by saying they have too much on.

Patronize Her

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When a woman is telling you about an achievement that she is proud of, you need to congratulate her genuinely. By saying things like “Oh, didn’t you do well” or “Isn’t that cute” you are just plain old patronizing.

Make ‘Jokes’

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When you use humor as a way of insulting women and when they get upset and pass it off as a joke, you need to work on your communication skills. An insult is an insult no matter how you dress it up, and not many women will let you get away with it simply because you laugh it off.

Tell Her She Shouldn’t Have a Career

“A woman’s place is in the home” is such an outdated statement, but unfortunately, some people still believe it. Attitudes like this are very disrespectful to women as it diminishes their skills and achievements.


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A woman can be just as knowledgeable as a man, so assuming she needs complex things explained to her is insulting. Knowledge is down to education rather than gender, so you should not make assumptions that belong in the last century.

Tell Her She is Too Old

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Age does not restrict a woman from doing what she wants, and it is disrespectful to tell her that she is too old to do something. While there may be certain things that would be a struggle as a woman ages, it is up to her to come to that conclusion, not a man.

Be Dismissive

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If a woman is telling you that she is concerned or worried about something or that she has an opinion that she wants to share, then she needs to be heard. Dismissing her thoughts and feelings because you do not think they are important is not showing her the respect that she deserves.

Tell Her She is Being Hysterical

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No, women are not being hysterical when they become emotional or share their feelings. They are simply expressing what is going on inside them, and that is ok. Men may like to keep things in, but women want to get them out, and they are not mad to do so.

Criticize Her Clothes

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Women put a lot of time and effort into picking clothes and making themselves look good, just as they do with their make-up. When they hear comments such as “Are you really wearing that” or “That dress is not your color,” it can be very upsetting for women to hear.

Tell Her She is Not a Real Woman

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The impression that a woman should look a certain way, whether it be more curvy, less hairy, or acting more demure, is not what she wants to hear. There is no set way for a woman to be, and she is not going to change what she likes about herself just for you.

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