21 Things That Shout You’re “Lower Class” According To Men

Class wars creep up in all aspects of life, including dating. We take a look at the things that men believe are telltale signs that you are lower class.

Being Loud

Man shouting.
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Many men find loud women to be of the lower class as they believe that classy women speak in hushed tones. Here we are thinking that we were way out of the 1950s but it seems not.

Using Speakerphones

If having a loud voice is a sign of being lower class so is the use of speaker phones in public spaces. Some men cannot imagine anything worse than a woman they were with having a full-blown conversation for everyone to hear while they are having a drink at the bar.

Wearing Giant Brand Logos

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Some men think being discreet about your clothing brand is cooler than having their slogans plastered over every piece of clothing you own. Classy women, according to some men, don’t have to tell everyone how much they paid for their clothing by showing off the brand.

Showing Off

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When women tell the world what they do for a living, what car they drive, and how much money they earn it is a turn-off for men who like to keep those kinds of things quiet.

Gossiping About Others

Women are stereotyped as being gossips and when a woman meets these stereotypes by constantly bad-mouthing others, this is a sure sign of being lower class according to some men.

Putting Your Life Story Online

Men cannot stand to see women tell the whole world about their private matters online for everyone to see. Being upper or middle class means knowing who to tell people when you have something going on and how to do it discreetly.

Haggling for Everything

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While everybody loves a bargain now and again it is best not to haggle over everything as sometimes it comes across as rude and desperate. Such actions are a surefire way of looking at lower-class men.

Arguing in Public

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Even the most in-love couples argue from time to time but it should be done in private according to men who think that airing dirty laundry in public is such a lower-class thing to do.

Lack of Humility

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Even if people have money they can come across as lower class when they do not show humility about their wealth. Showing off and bragging as well as not empathizing with less well-off people can come across as low class.

Being Disrespectful to Others

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It is not classy to say nasty things about others and if you do this in front of men then they are not likely to respect you very much. Being kind to others, even if they are not your type of person, is a sign of being classy.

Being Entitled

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While being entitled can often be a trait of rich people, some men will think you are a lower class if you have a sense of entitlement. They respect women more when they work for what they want rather than expect it to be handed to them on a plate.

Poor Table Manners

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Whether it be talking while you are eating, not creating conversation at the dinner table, or talking over people, bad table manners are a sign of being lower class, and not a lot of men like this.

A Constant Need for Validation

Wanting to be constantly praised and validated by others does not earn you respect from men who believe that to be respected you have to earn it by respecting others. Expecting people to constantly be your cheerleader no matter what you do does not show signs of being classy.

Saying No to New Experiences

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If you don’t want to try something new you can quietly say so rather than shout out “I’m not doing that”. While it is ok that you do not want to do something it is not nice to make out that other people are wrong for wanting to do it.

Treating Others Like Trash

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If men see women constantly putting down people of a lower class then they are showing signs that they are lower class themselves and are trying to make themselves look better by putting others down.

Dropping Their Trash

No classy person has ever dropped their trash on the floor without a thought for others or the environment. If you want to put a guy off you are going the right way about it if you discard your lunch wrappers on the floor on a date.

Getting Drunk

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Upper-class people love a drink as much as anyone else but they like to be discreet about how much they drink. When women drink far too much and end up swaying and talking loudly, it does not come across as classy.

Power Play

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People who make others look small just because they are insecure about their abilities show signs of being lower class. Men love to see women supporting other women so pitting yourself against others is not a good look.

Alpha Males

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Men do not like it when other men declare themselves as alpha males as it looks crass and unclassy. In the majority of cases men who say they are alpha males and nowhere near being one.

Making Others Feel Inadequate

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It is not nice to see people get a telling-off and be made to feel inadequate, especially when it is done in public. If you are someone who does this you may need to check yourself as it is not a classy move.

Fake Luxury

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If you have to fake your luxury so much that you have forgotten what lies you have told people then you need to take a lesson in being classy. You will come across much better to others if you live within your means and are honest with people.

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