15 Best Paying Part Time Jobs for Introverts

by Erin Schollaert


Being introverted might leave some people feeling held back, but there’s no reason to allow it to keep you from making money.

The best part time jobs for introverts will enable you to enjoy your time working without getting worn out on clients and coworkers.

These are fifteen easy jobs for introverts, what they offer each person who does them, and why they have minimal impact for those who don’t like being around other people!

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15. Data Entry

Average part-time income: $28,342 (ZipRecruiter)

If you’re searching for work at home jobs for introverts: this part-time position has everything you could possibly want.

As a data entry professional, you’ll use computers to enter information and data into documentation or a database.

This can include transcribing from time to time, but that’s not the main goal of the job.

Since you get to work from home and spend most of your time on the data, you’re free from human interaction.

Check out these tips for finding jobs to help you get the at-home job you want.

Tactic for Success

The most important thing you can do to improve at this job is to hone your typing skills. Freelancing data entry is often paid by the amount of work completed, so the faster and more accurately you can type, the more money you’ll be able to make per hour.

14. Photographer

Average part-time income: $28,666 (ZipRecruiter)

Everyone has seen a photographer at work.

Although you may assume that this role requires you to be social, the average photographer spends more time at home working on editing than they do taking photos or attending events.

In this role, you can make your hours, which means allowing yourself to be limited to part-time work.

You can also specialize in a specific category of photography, like Dominick Gatto did with shooting wildlife photography.

No matter what style of photography you pursue, you’ll have to advertise yourself to gain more clients, but this can still be done without talking to a huge selection of people.

If you have the skills and the talent, it’s also one of the few jobs that don’t require a resume.

13. Freelance Writer

Average part-time income: $33,000 (ZipRecruiter)

Being a freelancer is something that more people seem to be aspiring towards in recent years: and as a freelance writer, you’ll never run out of work to do, making it the perfect future proof career.

Besides occasionally talking to clients, most of your work time will be spent writing whatever fiction or nonfiction you’re most skilled at.

This can be an awesome job for introverts, especially typing fast.

12. Graphic Designer

Average part-time income: $35,100 (Talent.com)

Graphic designers design and create any company or organization’s visual concepts, which can vary from art to simple word and color graphics. Working at a startup can allow you a huge amount of creative and scheduling flexibility.

Although you will have to talk to clients here or there, you won’t have to interact with people for most of your workday and will instead be focused on creating content.

You can take on as much or as little work as you need, which is awesome for someone wanting a part-time position.

Trend on the Rise

This global market is worth $45.8 billion, and employment is expected to grow at least 3% within the next five years, which may not seem like a lot, but it’s adding hundreds of thousands of jobs over time.

11. Artist


Average part-time income: $35,124 (ZipRecruiter)

Being a part-time artist can be lucrative and can allow you to spend large portions of time solely on creating with minimal client interaction.

There are dozens of ways to do this, from designing and selling your own merch and art to taking on freelance work for businesses and individuals; you just need to find what suits you best.

Taking this on as a freelancer ensures you can set your own hours and work as little or as much as you want.

10. Transcriptionist

Average part-time income: $35,471 (ZipRecruiter)

Transcriptionist jobs are the most famous roles that people take on that want to work from home and deal with people as little as possible.

As a transcriptionist, you may be typing out information from medical paperwork to business calls and even notes for classes.

You can work with companies directly or look for part-time work through a service that hires writers in this position.

9. Digital Marketer

Average part-time income: $37,500 (ZipRecruiter)

Using digital channels to reach out to customers, build brand awareness, and promote products ensures that as a digital marketer, your only communication is through the computer.

This saves you from having to spend time with people in person or dealing with anything that would make an introvert uncomfortable as you advertise any products they could need.

Tactic for Success

The best way to be a digital marketer is to study what other brands and companies are doing and don’t just look for what works for them: look at what mistakes they make that could ruin the company. This will ensure that you know what to avoid.

8. Archivist


Average part-time income: $40,854 (ZipRecruiter)

Archivists are trained to preserve material and help their clients obtain it. Generally, these are paper documents, ranging from photos to maps, computer records, and even films.

Although most archivists start as historians, there are other ways to get into this career. This is a fantastic job for introverts who want to work their minds without talking to people.

7. Social Media Manager

Average part-time income: $42,159 (ZipRecruiter)

Social media has become such a major part of marketing both companies and celebrity brands that it’s allowed for a large market of jobs for those who are skilled at it.

Although you’ll have to work to increase followers and interactions online, your strategies won’t make you interact with people or force you to communicate with anyone on a constant basis.

This is awesome part-time for anyone who wants to work from home and is great at convincing and advertising.

Trend on the Rise

Social media has seen a 13% increase every year over the final few years and is expected to continue to grow since over 54% of the world’s population has a social media account.

6. Translator

Average part-time income: $45,210 (ZipRecruiter)

Although some may think that Google Translate is enough, it’s not great at carrying across tone or the speaker’s intent.

Because of this, translators are still highly requested and are a highly sought-out type of employee by most international companies.

As a translator, you’ll review audio or writing and ensure that it’s translated and made clear to understand in both tone and vocabulary in both languages.

It’s important that in this role, you’re able to type quickly and that you’re extremely fluent in both languages so that you can gain client trust and, over time, build a strong clientele.

5. Virtual Assistant

Average part-time income: $45,338 (ZipRecruiter)

More companies are moving to going completely digitally, which means they’re going to need all of the perks that an in-person office has without having to make the employees be in-person.

Working as a virtual assistant, you’ll spend time completing documents, scheduling appointments, receiving emails, and writing notices for companies.


Although you’ll have to be used to receiving a high volume of emails, you generally won’t have to be around people at any point in this job.

4. Content Manager

Average part-time income: $53.000 (Salary.com)

Content is king, and as a content manager, you’ll be able to help a company thrive or sink depending on how you do.

In this position, you’ll develop strategy, create content, write blog posts, and update existing content to promote any company you work for.

The main goal for this is to connect the company with more customers and gather interactions that can possibly lead to purchases or positive public perception.

3. Landscape Designer


Average part-time income: $57,335 (Glassdoor)

Landscape designers get to design incredible gardens and outdoor spaces without ever having to take a step outside or spend time in person with clients.

Instead, you’ll create, oversee, and present landscapes for individuals and companies in this position.

This gives you the chance to work from home, be creative, use your attention to detail, and enjoy a part-time job that can still pay a livable wage.

2. Editor

Average part-time income: $59,144 (Glassdoor)

As an editor, you’ll plan, coordinate, and revise any material needed for publication in newspapers, books, periodicals, or even websites.

This job requires a high eye for detail and design and has to be carried out by people who have a history in publishing.

This needs little to no interaction with others besides passing on notes on things that need to be changed or removed.

1. Actuary

Average part-time income: $78,238 (ZipRecruiter)

Although it may seem like a lot to take on part-time, actuaries analyze information for risk and uncertainty, using math, statistics, and financial theory to assess the risk of events.

As a result, they can help businesses and individuals and even aid in developing policies that will minimize the cost of any risks.

Although your work would involve clients, you can work part-time and even set guidelines that you only want to communicate via email.

Wrapping Up

Although most part-time jobs people think of are working with many people and handling constant interaction: this doesn’t have to be your life working part-time.

Seek out one of these part-time jobs, and gain some income without having to interact with a ton of people or perform a full forty hours.

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Erin is a business teacher and mother of three. When she’s not in the classroom or fulfilling her obligations as an A+ hockey and lacrosse mom, she’s working on her latest article.