15 Best Car Wash Franchises in 2024

by Rebekah Pierce

Venturing into a franchise business has become increasingly popular for aspiring business owners. As we enter 2024, the automotive industry is witnessing a surge in the demand for professional car care services, making car wash franchises an attractive opportunity for prospective franchisees. Franchising is an excellent opportunity for you to become your boss. This article provides valuable insights into the top franchises, offering a comprehensive overview of franchise information and opportunities within the auto franchise sector.

Top 15 Best Car Wash Franchises in 2024


This is more than just a car wash franchise. It is a vehicle detailing company with various franchise models, including a standalone detailing shop, a mobile operation, and a combination of a standalone and mobile detailing operation. It even has a patented steam cleaning process that consumes less water but provides effective cleaning results. This is one of the best and most successful franchises, with 132 locations that are either company-owned or outside. It is one of the most popular franchises for aspiring business owners, with an initial franchise fee of $35,000.

Tommy’s Express Car Wash

Tommy’s is a premier player in the commercial cleaning industry, boasting one of the finest car wash franchises. With a unique automatic car wash tunnel, Tommy’s exudes a retro charm while incorporating cutting-edge equipment, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable customer experience. The franchise has a dedicated app for customers to manage car wash plans, select payment preferences, and access exclusive deals. Tommy’s offers convenience with car vacuums and cutting-edge cleaning kit vending machines. Established in 1969, this franchise has grown exponentially, encompassing 116 locations across the United States. As part of a thriving franchise system, Tommy’s exemplifies success in commercial cleaning, attracting potential franchisees through franchise expos and making franchises available nationwide with a well-crafted marketing plan, that includes an initial franchise fee of $50,000.

Fleet Clean USA

Fleet Clean is one of the best franchises that provide on-site car washing services to hand-wash truck fleets. The franchise offers various truck washing services based on the customer’s needs. They also offer additional services, including trailer washouts, interior cleaning or steam detailing, pressure washes, etc. The franchise has adopted an eco-friendly truck wash technique that uses an advanced mobile water reclamation system and biodegradable detergents. The franchise was founded in 2009 and has expanded to 18 different states. It requires an initial franchise fee of $50,000.


Spiffy is a car wash franchise founded in 2014. It offers eco-friendly mobile car washing services to customers who schedule appointments through the company website or mobile app. The franchise offers different levels of washing and detailing that customers can choose from based on the kind of service they require. It also provides a zero-contact service where a technician arrives at the location with all the necessary equipment for washing the car. The franchise is found in 48 different locations spread across the US. Of the 48, 35 locations are owned by the company. You don’t have to travel too far to find a franchise. To start a spiffy franchise, business owners require a liquid capital of at least $50,000.

Green Shine

With a commitment to the environment, Green Shine offers high-end car detailing services ranging from basic cleaning to nano ceramic coating and mobile detailing options. The franchise eliminates contaminated runoff and uses biodegradable and organic products while providing its services, all while ensuring water conservation. This international franchise was founded in 2005 in Guatemala and has expanded to different locations around the US, including Dubai, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain. If you want to be a business owner and help the environment, this is an excellent opportunity to be part of an international franchise business for a low cast franchise fee of $9995.

Mr. Clean Carwash

This car wash franchise is dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction. They provide washing and detailing services, oil changes, and other car maintenance services. The franchise provides different kinds of wash packages and even offers customers monthly unlimited memberships. The franchise has locations across various states in the US where customers can enjoy their services. Business owners can pay an initial franchise fee of $35,000 to start their own Mr. Clean Carwash.

Monkey Shine Car Wash

Founded in 2007 with seven different franchise units, Monkey Shine Car Wash provides car washing services for cars and light trucks. Business owners can pay an initial franchise fee of $35,000 to own a Monkey Shine Car Wash. They have an in-bay automatic car wash system, an express tunnel car wash system, and a self-service car wash service. The franchise has developed a car wash method that is more convenient and offers high-quality customer experiences.

Grease Monkey

Grease Monkey is an automotive car wash service provider and non-food franchise. The franchise specializes in oil changes, fluid maintenance, brakes, and light repair services, with locations in five different countries. The franchise also provides preventive maintenance and light mechanical repair services. Car wash owners looking to franchise their business can do so for a franchise fee of $30,000. 

No H2O

Based in Florida, No H20 is a waterless car washing and detailing franchise founded in 2007. The franchise safely removes dirt and grime from surfaces on and in the vehicle through its on-demand high technology and waterless products. The franchise can be found in 17 different locations, and requires an initial franchise fee of  to $49,500 for new locations. The franchise has transformed the car service industry with greener and faster routes to having a cleaner car. The franchise has also developed an app that enables customers to have their car washed anytime and anywhere.

Prime Car Wash

Founded in 2012, Prime operates on the concept of “Flex Service Car Wash,” which offers the quality services of a traditional full-service car wash combined with the speed and services of an exterior car wash. This car wash franchise is a great franchising opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to start a new business venture, with an initial franchise fee of $50,000.

Superior Wash

This car wash franchise specializes in fleet washing. Founded in 1989, the franchise has become an international franchise with locations spreading through the US and Canada. This top franchise is a leader in truck washing services, and has a franchise fee of $30,000 in liquid capital. They offer various war washing and detailing services, all dedicated to customer service, operations, safety, and environmental maintenance, with a great track record among hundreds of weekly customers.

Cactus Car Wash

Founded in 1996, Cactus is a car wash franchise with one goal- to provide outstanding car wash experiences to customers. Customers can relax in a lounge while their cars are quickly and thoroughly cleaned with high-tech equipment used by highly trained staff. They offer a range of car wash, detailing, and restoration services like exterior washes, full-service washes, express details, etc. This franchise, a national brand with various locations in different states across the US, even offers business owners an opportunity to franchise their businesses with a franchise fee of $45,000. 

EcoWash Mobile

EcoWash is another waterless car washing service provider founded in 2004. The franchise has become a global leader in mobile car washing thanks to its use of liquid polymer nano-technology. The franchise uses a professionally designed, waterless washing system that can lift off dirt and debris while providing a protective layer by using a certain kind of protectant. The company allows car wash owners to make franchise agreements and watch their businesses expand, for an initial franchise fee of $30,000.

Team Blue Hand Car Wash and Detail

Team Blue Hand Car Wash and Detail was founded by Jeff and Jason Haas in 2008. provides high-quality and eco-friendly hand-wash, wax, and detail services. This car wash franchise does not use any tunnels, a conveyor, or automated washing technology to ensure that customers get a clean car without the risks of damage. The franchise requires business owners to pay an initial franchise fee of $45,000 to turn their businesses into a Team Blue Hand Car Wash and Detail franchise. 


GeoWash follows a concept where parking time is used to provide first-class ecological car-washing services. With a franchise fee of $20,000, the company is expanding worldwide by providing franchising opportunities for car washing business owners to adopt eco-friendly and revolutionary techniques while providing customers with world-class services. The franchise uses wetting agents, lubricants, and surfactants to wash cars while avoiding water use and saving hundreds of liters of water per service while minimizing scratches with unique formulas and microfiber towels.


Before getting into franchising, you must delve deep to understand the franchise business model, franchise fees, proprietary systems, and available territories. Franchising may pose challenges, but transforming an established business into a franchise can be lucrative. Car wash franchises can outshine other franchises like restaurant franchises or fitness franchises in terms of profitability and growth potential. Like other franchise chains, car wash businesses offer a blend of owned and franchised models. And you can expand and establish new locations. This sector ranks among the fastest-growing franchises if you seek the best business opportunities. The success stories of car wash franchises on this list underscore their robust business systems and the flourishing franchise market. For entrepreneurs considering the purchase of a franchise, the car wash industry not only provides established franchises but also offers a comprehensive training program and ample working capital for franchising success.

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