Cheapest Way to Make Your House Smell Good (Top Methods)

by Rebekah Pierce


Looking for the cheapest way to make house smell good? Well, look no further! 

In this blog post, we’ll outline some of the best methods to make home smell good for cheap.

So, whether you want to use natural methods or store-bought products, we have you covered! Keep reading for more information.

How do you make your house smell nice all the time?

Most everyone loves the smell of a clean house. There’s nothing quite like coming home to the comforting aroma of your favorite scented candle or air freshener. 


But if you’re struggling to keep your home smelling fresh all the time, don’t despair. There are a few easy tips and tricks you can use to make your house smell amazing 24/7, even while budgeting.

Tactic for Success

Before we take a deep dive into all the products you can use to make your house smell nice, it’s important to recognize that the easiest (and most cost-effective) way to make your house smell good is to simply keep it clean. A cleaning solution of herbs, white vinegar, and citrus peels can make a world of difference!

Use a Diffuser

Another common tactic is to use a diffuser. Below are some of the most popular scents you can put in a diffuser for long-lasting aromatic bliss.


These scents include:

  • Lavender Oil – Lavender is known for its calming properties.
  • Citrus Oil – Citrus oil smells great but can also boost your alertness and energy levels.
  • Eucalyptus Oil – This powerful essential oil can help clear your sinuses.
  • Peppermint Oil – In addition to a wonderful aroma, peppermint also improves focus. 

Trend on the Rise:

One product that is rising in popularity as one of the cheap ways to make a room smell good is the whole house diffuser. These are installed on your air ductwork and can be controlled with your smartphone. Just one unit is effective for up to 5,000 square feet. You won’t need multiple to cover the entire house.

Improve Ventilation

Don’t forget about good old-fashioned ventilation. Open up windows and doors whenever possible to let fresh air circulate throughout your house. 

This will not only prevent bad smells from taking hold, but it will also help to reduce stuffiness and make your home feel more inviting overall.

This is a free way to make your house smell better if you’re living in a dorm on a college student budget.

Understand Where the Odors are Coming From

Common sources of indoor odors include cooking odors, pet odors, and musty smells from damp areas. Once you have identified the source of the odor, you can take steps to eliminate it. 

For example, if you are struggling with cooking odors, try using an exhaust fan or opening windows to ventilate the area. These additions can easily boost home values.

If pet odors are an issue, be sure to clean up any accidents promptly and keep your pets well-groomed. 

And if you are dealing with musty smells, try to ventilate damp areas and use air fresheners or dehumidifiers as needed. 

What do maids use to make house smell good? 

When it comes to making a house smell good, there are a few different approaches that maids can take. These are common methods that people use to make more money with Airbnb too. 

Trend on the Rise:

With more than three million people employed in the cleaning services industry in the United States, it’s easy to see that professional housekeeping services are a smart choice. Consider hiring a maid if you’re having trouble keeping your house smelling fresh – remember, a clean house is your first step to a nice-smelling house.

Use Scented Candles and Potpourri


One option is to use scented candles or diffusers. These can help to mask any unpleasant smells and create a pleasant atmosphere. 

Another option is to use potpourri or scented sachets. These can be placed in strategic locations around the house, such as near the front door or in the living room. 

Air Fresheners

Maids can also use air fresheners to help make a house smell good. This is a quick and easy way to freshen up any room, and it can be particularly helpful in homes with pets or smokers. 


What to Boil to Make House Smell Good

When it comes to making your house smell good, there are a few different options. You could light a scented candle, bake some cookies, or boil some water on the stove. 

While all of these methods can be effective, boiling water is perhaps the most versatile option. 

Not only does it produce a pleasant smell, but it can also help to clean the air and reduce humidity levels. In addition, boiling water is a great way to relax after a long day. 

Simply add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to a pot of boiling water, and enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy. 

Here are some ideas of what you can boil in your simmer pot to make your house smell fantastic:

  • Rosemary Mix – Add a few sprigs of rosemary, a dash of vanilla, and lemon slices
  • Fall Blend – A few cinnamon sticks, some nutmeg, and ginger slices to feel like fall
  • Sleepytime Combo – Try orange peels, lavender, and chamomile for restful sleep

Tactic for Success:

You can use just about any ingredients you’d like to make your house smell good, but make sure you stir often. The heat should be at a simmer and you should check the pot regularly to make sure there’s still enough water inside.

Best Device to Make House Smell Good

There are a few different ways to make your house smell good. You can use scented candles, plug-in air fresheners, or even essential oils diffusers. 

But what is the best way to make your house smell good? Many people swear by using one of the devices below. 

Fragrance Mister 

A fragrance mister is a great way to make your house smell good. It uses a fine mist to distribute fragrance evenly throughout the room. 

The mist helps to eliminate odors and leaves a light, refreshing scent in the air. 

You can adjust the strength of the mist to control the intensity of the fragrance. And, because it uses a fine mist, it won’t leave any residue on surfaces or furniture. 

Fragrance misters are safe to use around pets and children, and they are a great way to enjoy your favorite fragrances without candles or incense.

Reed Diffuser

Reed diffusers are a great way to make your house smell good without having to use candles or other open flames. 

They work by using a porous material, such as reeds, to diffuse essential oils into the air. 

The reeds are placed in a bottle or jar of the oil, and as the reeds soak up the oil, they release a subtle fragrance into the air. 

Reed diffusers can be used with any type of essential oil, so you can choose a scent that is pleasing to you. And because they don’t use heat or flames, they’re a safe way to enjoy aromatherapy.

Oil Burners

Oil burners work by heating up essential oils and releasing them into the air. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy while filling your home with a pleasant scent. 

Essential oils are known for their relaxing and uplifting properties, and they can also help to boost your mood and energy levels. 

When used in an oil burner, they can help to create a calm and inviting atmosphere in your home. 

Wax Melts

If you’ve ever wondered how those little wax melts make your whole house smell nice, wonder no more! It all has to do with the science of scent molecules. 

Scent molecules are incredibly tiny and when they’re released into the air, they eventually make their way to your nose where they bind to receptors and cause you to smell something. 

Wax melts work by heating up the wax which releases the scent molecules into the air. 

The warm temperature also helps to disperse the molecules more evenly throughout the room so that you can enjoy a consistent, pleasing scent.

What to Put in Vents to Make House Smell Good 

There are a few things you can put in your vents to make your house smell good! 

One option is to put essential oils on a cotton ball and place it near the vent. This will diffuse the scent of the essential oils into the air every time the heat or air conditioning turns on. 

You can also make a sachet by filling a small bag with fresh herbs, potpourri, or even dried flowers. Place the sachet in the vent so that the air will circulate the scent of the contents. 

Lavender oil can be put in each vent, for example. 

You can also put a dryer sheet in each vent. Another thing you can do is to put a bowl of baking soda in each room and leave it there for a few days. 

This will absorb any bad smells in the room, so while you won’t be putting anything in the vents, it should make a huge difference.

With these simple tips, you can make your house smell fresher and more inviting in no time!

Wrapping Up 

All in all, there are many great ways to make your house smell good on a budget. Which of these methods will you try first?

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Rebekah is a writer who covers all things education, business, agriculture, and finance. She owns a small farm business in upstate New York. Her educational credentials include a bachelor's degree in English from St. Lawrence University and a master's in special education from SUNY Plattsburgh.