15 Best Jobs that Hire on the Spot (Highest Earning)

by Timothy Ronaldson


If you need a job quickly, one of the best things to do is search for jobs that hire on the spot.

Instead of searching job postings online and waiting weeks and maybe months for an answer, focus on companies hiring on the spot jobs.

Sometimes, you can find that perfect match of companies always hiring for an immediate need that fit not only what you want to get paid, but what you might like to do in life.

Here are some of the best paying jobs that hire immediately.

15. Pet Sitting


All pet sitting requires, really, is a love of pets and some basic knowledge about what to do with them.

You can get a pet sitting job much like you would a babysitting job — from online job postings, through newspaper ads or by partnering with an agency.

If you want to find some of these jobs, keep your schedule open during summer months. This is when a lot of people travel, and have a need for a pet sitter.

Average pay: $12.63 per hour (Indeed)

Trends on the Rise

The pet sitting market across the world was valued at $2.6 billion as of 2019, and it’s expected to grow at a CAGR by 2027. Pet sitting is a big business, and it’s only expected to continue growing. So, get in now while it’s on the rise, and you could build some solid clientele.

14. Housekeeper

Housekeepers are always in demand, and there aren’t a lot of previous experience that’s required to complete the job.

One of the reasons why these are jobs that hire on the spot is that there is often a seasonal need for it — especially with rental properties.

Some companies that are hiring on the spot jobs for housekeepers are Chaos Cleaning and The Christie Lodge.

Average salary: $13.23 per hour (Indeed)

Tactics for Success

  • It’s always a good idea to have previous work experience in an area before applying for a job, or at least knowledge about the job at hand.
  • If you’re looking to get an immediate job as a housekeeper, you should explain not only your passion for doing the job but some of the ins and outs of the industry that would make you great for the job.

13. Janitor

There are many companies always hiring for janitors. There are a number of different areas of need for janitors, from cleaning office buildings to medical buildings to schools.

Not all of these sectors will be hiring on the spot jobs, but many do. There isn’t much experience that’s required for these jobs, which is why they may be willing to hire immediately.

Some companies that have jobs that hire on the spot for janitors include Wingfoot Services and Alliance Building Services.

Average pay: $13.29 per hour

12. Bartender

There’s really not much previous experience that’s needed to be a bartender, especially at small local “dive bars.”

In fact, much of the skills that you need for the job are people skills, which managers can see on the spot.

That’s why these jobs often have immediate availability. If you’re looking for companies always hiring bartenders, go to local places when they’re not busy and ask to speak to a manager.

Bar ownership is also on the rise in most cities, as more people are interested in the business model.


Average pay: $13.97 per hour (Indeed)

Tactics for Success

  • A great way to set yourself apart from other candidates for a bartending job is to make your own drink for the person who’s interviewing you. You can practice different concoctions at home before you go for the interview.
  • Then, when you have what you think is a winner, ask if you can make it for the person interviewing you. If they like it, you could get the job on the spot.

11. Debt Collector

Many companies need debt collectors, and there isn’t a lot of previous work experience that’s required for the job. That’s why it’s one of the jobs that hire on the spot that make it onto this list.

Two companies that may hire on the spot are Exact Billing Solutions and Credit Solutions LLC.

Average pay: $15.27 per hour (Indeed)

Trends on the Rise

While the overall debt collection industry is expected to decline by 8% by 2028, there are still going to be many new opportunities. In fact, financial services and health care are two sectors that are expected to increase employment in this job. So, try to focus your efforts in finding a job there, as it could lead to a long-term career.

10. Artist

All it takes to be hired as an artist is proof of artistic talent. You could be hired to paint murals, to work at an art museum or to even teach art history.

But, if you’re looking for companies always hiring for jobs immediately for artists, then you should look for job postings in stores. Or, you can browse around town and look for buildings with big, empty outdoor walls.

Then, offer up your services to paint a mural. Just make sure to bring some of your past work to show as examples.

Average pay: $15.58 per hour (Indeed)

9. Administrative Assistant

Some companies need extra help immediately, so they’ll have jobs that hire on the spot.

Administrative assistant is a common entry-level job that you won’t need much experience for, and you could get right away.

If you have a degree but no experience, here are some jobs for MBA graduates without experience.

Jobs that are in less professional settings such as laid-back offices or auto repair shops might be more likely to be hiring on the spot jobs than, say, a lawyer’s office.

Average pay: $16.74 per hour (Indeed)

8. Delivery Driver


There are many companies that have an urgent need for delivery drivers. They may have had an employee quit unexpectedly, or an increased need for delivery services because of a spike in sales.

When this happens, they just need to hire someone who has a valid driver’s license and auto insurance, and the availability to start working right away.

While some companies always hiring deliver drivers want employees to go through a full background check, some smaller businesses such as pizza parlors might be hiring on the spot jobs.

Average pay: $17.33 per hour (Indeed)

7. Babysitter

Many families are looking to hire babysitters, and oftentimes, they have immediate needs to fill a position.

While some families nowadays want to check references and do background checks (or go through an agency), you could get an on the spot job.

These jobs could be hard to find, though, so partnering with an agency might help you find jobs that hire on the spot for babysitting duties.

Average pay: $19.82 per hour (Indeed)

6. Auto Mechanic

Auto mechanics are always in high demand, because there aren’t a lot of people nowadays that study to become one. That actually forces companies always hiring people on the spot for this position.

Some companies that have jobs that hire on the spot are Express Employment Professionals and APCO.

Average pay: $21.86 per hour (Indeed)

5. Interpreter or Translator

In today’s global world, more and more companies require the service of an interpreter or translator.

And many times, these positions are needed quickly, which is why there are a lot of companies hiring on the spot jobs for this position.

All you would need is to prove that you can speak and read the language that’s needed. Some companies hiring on the spot jobs are Language World Services Inc. and World Services.

Average pay: $46,158 annually (Indeed)

4. Real Estate Agent

If you have a real estate license in the state in which you live, you could easily get a job as a real estate agent on the spot.

Real estate companies always hiring on the spot are Keller Williams and Coldwell Banker.

While you certainly will need some credentials and licenses, they might not require you to have much experience. Follow these tips for finding a job to become even more competitive in the marketplace.

A main reason is because most of the money they pay new agents comes from commissions on sales.

3. Tutor


As long as you have the proper credentials — such as a teaching certificate or some other official certification — you could find a great job as a tutor on the spot.

Many families have a need for tutors for their children to prepare them for tests or college.

While you’ll likely need some credentials, this is a job that you could get on the spot without much work.

Having a specialized degree may set you apart, and tutoring could be another way to make money with a biochemistry degree.

You could do really well marketing your services to high school students around the time when they’re preparing for their SAT tests.

Average pay: $25.03 per hour (Ineed)

2. Personal Shopper

Many retail stores hire personal shoppers nowadays, and it’s not just high-end stores that have a need for these positions.

With so much purchasing being done online, everything from clothing stores to grocery stores need personal shoppers.

Other retail jobs often hire on the spot, so check out this list best paying retail jobs for even more opportunities.

Some of the companies that are hiring on the spot jobs for personal shoppers include TELUS International and Lowes Foods.

Average pay: $26.90 per hour (Indeed)

1. Tattoo Artist

This is a very specific artistic job that requires making permanent etchings on people’s skin.

Many tattoo shops are hiring on the spot jobs because employees come and go quickly. Many companies always hiring for this job often expand quickly and/or get a huge influx of new clientele.

If you’re looking to join a company that has the potential to expand quickly, working at a startup might be a fit for you.

Some companies that have jobs that hire on the spot for tattoo artists are Microart Inc. and Delray Beach Tattoo.

Average salary: $27.83 per hour (Indeed)

Wrapping Up

There are companies always hiring employees to work immediately because of the immense changing needs of their business.

That’s why if you’re looking for jobs that hire on the spot, you should start with the 15 we have listed above.

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Tim is a classically-trained journalist who loves to share knowledge and information with others. In the past, he has worked in TV, online and print media, and currently works with companies to help design, create and strategize their messaging.

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Tim is a classically-trained journalist who loves to share knowledge and information with others. In the past, he has worked in TV, online and print media, and currently works with companies to help design, create and strategize their messaging.