Paycheck Peril: 18 Jobs Where the Stress Isn’t Worth the Salary

If you are daydreaming about what job you will try next, be sure to check out these 18 jobs that may pay well but are not worth the stress.


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Easing people’s pain and making them more mobile is a gratifying part of being a chiropractor, but it is a physically exhausting job. The demands of standing up for long hours and the energy required to move and lift people all day can take their toll and leave you needing a chiropractor yourself.

Event Planner

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Event planning can be great as you meet many new people and throw them the party of their dreams. However, it is not all fun and games, as there are budgets to be kept and deadlines to meet. Add to that long, unsociable hours, and, likely, the money you earn as an event planner is not worth the stress.

Air Traffic Controllers

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Air traffic controllers are well paid for what they do but have a very stressful role in making flight paths safe. With the wrong decision having potentially disastrous consequences, the pressure you would be under may not be worth the big pay packet.

Law Enforcement Officers

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Law enforcement officers work long hours and deal with dangerous situations while maintaining a positive public presence. This means that the money you earn helping others is nowhere near enough for the potential cost of you coming to harm.


If you love cooking and are considering becoming a chef, you need to know it is about more than recipe development and tasting amazing food. Chefs work long, unsociable hours in high-pressure environments where every wrong move can lead to a 1-star review.

Dental Hygienist

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Dental hygienists get paid well but have to look inside people’s mouths daily; some will not be nice. High standards need to be met at all times, and as people pay a lot of money to maintain great teeth, there is pressure to meet client standards.

IT Technician

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If you love working on solving complex problems and working to tight deadlines then a career in IT is perfect for you. However, you mustn’t be swayed by the great money you can earn as you will need to put in long hours, and the demand to get programs working promptly can be intense.

Military Personnel

Best jobs in the navy
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A career in the military can be rewarding as you will potentially be saving the lives of many people. The work of military personnel, however, comes at a significant cost as you will be putting your life on the line occasionally and you will need to spend a lot of time away from your family, who will also feel the stress of your career.


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Teaching is a rewarding career as you see the fruits of your rewards in giving children the education they deserve. While being in the classroom with children is great, the amount of preparation and paperwork you need to do once school hours are over is intense. Many teachers are experiencing burnout, so you should consider it carefully.

Social Worker

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Being a social worker is one of the most stressful and emotionally demanding careers you can take up and you should think long and hard about whether you can sustain the pressure you will be under. Sometimes you have to make very difficult decisions and ensure lots of hurdles to help people, which is too much for some to handle.


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Making decisions that can impact people’s lives forever means that being judged is one of the most pressured jobs you can do. You will come under intense scrutiny and emotional turmoil so the burden is great despite the rewarding pay.


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Journalism is a career that will keep you on your toes every day as you rush to the next big story and spend long hours investigating intricate interviews. With tight deadlines to meet and the need to impress your editor, journalism is not a job to be taken lightly.

Public Relations Expert

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When you work in PR you can look forward to a fast-moving career that involves everything from planning events, handling oppression, and crisis management. All of this sounds great for thrillseekers but it can be tiring and time-consuming so is only a role for some.

Restaurant Manager

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Owning or managing a restaurant manager can be very rewarding as you see people enjoy the latest menu and celebrate with friends and family. However, you will work long, unsociable hours and have to deal with unhappy customers and a high staff turnover.


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Psychologists navigate the mental health of others which makes it a very rewarding career. Managing a high client workload and dealing with very difficult subject matters can be very demanding. You will have a good support network and a wage that deflects your hard work but can be very stressful.

Surgical Nurse

Surgical nurses are the lifeblood of an operating room, and while the surgeons are the ones who perform miracles, it is the nurses that keep things running. You will., however, have to work long hours and deal with emotional life-or-death situations.


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You may be attracted to the glamorous lifestyle of a stockbroker, but it is not all splashing the cash and closing big deals. You will enjoy the highs that being a stockbroker brings but also need to suck up the lows and deal with enormous tension as you manage large amounts of money.

Sales Person

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Working in sales comes easy to many highly motivated people and good communicators, but closing a deal can be challenging, even for the most successful salespeople. Your career will enjoy many highs, but you must consider what you will do during dry spells.

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