15 Cheapest Places to Print Documents in 2022

by Rebekah Pierce


Are you looking for the cheapest place to print documents?

If so, you’re in luck!

It shouldn’t cost you a fortune to make copies of your favorite photos. 

So we’ve compiled a list of 15 great places to get your printing done without breaking the bank. 

1. Got Print


From postcards to basic prints and copies, GotPrint is a California-based printing company that can handle it all. 

Although the company is web-based, it offers a personal touch for people who want to have their projects printed online. 

Tactic for Success

When sending documents to an online printing service, make sure all images are clear and all elements are set to a resolution of 300 to 351 dpi. Otherwise, you might get blurry finished products.

Time Required: 3-5 business days

Types of Printing: Copies, invitations, gifts, signs, and banners

Estimated Pricing: Varies, but business cards start at $7.70 

2. PS Print

Another reputable online printer is PS Print.

They’ve been in business for about 25 years, and have advanced technology that allows them to churn out prints quickly. 

Trend on the Rise

PS Print, like many of these printers, offers all the typical printing services. Be on the lookout for new offerings, though, as printers all over the country are adapting the way they do business and offering new commercial printed products like laser cutting and shimmering. Using these products creatively can even become a unique and fun way to make money.

Time Required: 24-48 hours

Types of Printing: Black and white copies, color copies, flyers, catalogs, brochures, and business cards

Estimated Pricing:  $0.50-$1.00 per page 

3. CVS


CVS has nearly 10,000 locations in the United States, making it easy place to get copies made locally for most people. 

The photo department has a Kodak picture kiosk that can be used to print and copy your documents on-site. 

You’ll use a physical documents feeder with hard copies, or a flash drive to print digital copies. 

Either way, this is one of the cheapest places to print documents in color or black and white, making it perfect for college students on a budget.

Tactic for Success

CVS regularly offers coupons and special discounts when you shop online for prints (you can pick up in-store too). Check back periodically and get free same-day pickup along with plenty of other special deals. 

Time Required: Less than an hour

Types of Printing: Black and white, color, single-sided, double-sided, photos, and save scanned documents to CD 

Estimated Pricing: Starts at $0.20 per page 

4. Staples

Staples is one of the most popular places to get documents printed or copied, due to its long standing reputation in the industry.

With more than 1,100 stores in the United States, it’s easy to find a Staples near you.  

Staples has lots of other supplies you may need, and is even a cheap place to buy stamps.

Trend on the Rise

Although Staples was forced to close many stores recently, the good news is that the company pivoted and now offers more services online than ever before – including printing. You can place your printing order online and have it shipped to you or pick it up in-store. 

Time Required: Same-day available if you order by 2 pm

Types of Printing: Black and white, color, larger document sizes, stapling, and hole punching

Estimated Pricing: Starts at $.17 per page 

5. FedEx


FedEx, or Kinkos until 2004, has more than 2,000 locations and even special locations within stores like Walmart to make shipping and printing easier. 

You can get all kinds of copies here, including black and white and color. You can make your own copies or have someone behind the desk do it.

If you make your own copies, you can save $0.04 per copy if you’re on a tight budget.


Time Required: Same Day 

Types of Printing: Copies, custom projects, and flyers

Estimated Pricing: $0.13-$0.69 per copy 

6. Sir Speedy

Sir Speedy has more than 160 locations around the country, with shops set up in 32 different states. If you’re interested in the printing business, make sure to explore franchises under 10K for opportunities.

Because this company specializes in print services only, you’ll pay very little money and can get just about any kind of copies made.

Time Required: Less than an hour 

Types of Printing: Black and white copies, color copies, signs, labels, finishing and binding

Estimated Pricing: $.11-$.55 per page 

7. Sam’s Club

With more than 595 locations around the United States, Sam’s Club is another smart place to do some printing or copying. 

The Sam’s Club Photo Services department can handle everything from cards to photo books, home decor to brochures, and of course, basic black and white copies.

In addition to printing services, Sam’s Club offers great deals on these items and services, too:

  • Gas – Sam’s Club generally offers some of the lowest prices on gas (as long as you are a member). 
  • Bulk Toiletries and Groceries – This warehouse store is one of the best places to stock up on bulk groceries and toiletries, like toilet paper and canned goods. 
  • Mattresses – Sam’s sells name-brand mattresses like Serta!
    Office Supplies – Pens. Paper. Pencils. You name it, you’ll find great deals at Sam’s Club. 
  • Electronics – Whether you’re shopping for a new laptop or a new television, you should check Sam’s Club first to save some money. 

Time Required: Same day

Types of Printing: Business cards, signs, postcards, checks, black and white copies, color copies, photo books, and banners

Estimated Pricing: Starting at $0.09 per page 

8. Office Depot/OfficeMax


With more than 1,350 locations worldwide, Office Depot/OfficeMax is another smart place to have your documents printed. 

There are same-day services, plus you can use the online print center to upload and send your document for printing ahead of time. Large orders are subject to discounts!

Time Required: Same day available for most products (not for custom orders like cards and invitations)

Types of Printing: Black and white, color, single/double-sided, perforation, and lamination

Estimated Pricing: $0.09–$0.49 per copy 

9. UPS Store

The UPS store is one of the cheapest places to get copies made, with paper sizes ranging from 8.5”x11” to 11”x17.” 

There are discounts for bulk orders but pricing costs vary based on the store – each one is franchised and can dictate its own pricing to some extent.

Time Required: Same Day

Types of Printing: Black and white, color, business cards, larger sizes, binding, stapling, and folding

Estimated Pricing: Varies but usually $0.09-$0.49 per copy 

10. DocuCopies

This online printer specializes in both cheap color copies as well as bulk orders. You can get just about anything printed, including basic copies, flyers, menus, raffle tickets, and even yearbooks.

Time Required: 24-48 hours standard (with rush shipping available)

Types of Printing: Black and white copies, color copies, catalogs, flyers, and mailing services

Estimated Pricing: $0.0702-$0.0870 per page

11. Printing Center USA


Though this company does have a few brick-and-mortar locations, it specializes in online printing. 

Not only can you get your copies made here, but there are also introductory videos and inspirations to give you some design ideas for printed projects.

Time Required: 24-48 hours

Types of Printing: Flyers, booklets, brochures, calendars, catalogs, and copies

Estimated Pricing: Flyers start at $0.05 

12. Overnight Prints

Running tight on time? With Overnight Prints, you can get the convenience of online printing coupled with fast service – no need to visit a brick and mortar store. 

As long as you place your print order by 8 PM EST, this printing service will send you high-quality prints by the next day. 

Time Required: 24 hours

Types of Printing: Copies, mailers, postcards, and business cards

Estimated Pricing: Starting at $0.05 per page 

13. Color Copies Today

Based in Indiana, this smaller company is known as the “Marketing and Printing Specialists.” Orders are usually sent out the same or next day, and offer affordable online copies. 

Time Required: 24-48 hours

Types of Printing: Black and white copies, and color copies 

Estimated Pricing: $0.0375-$0.065 per page

14. Costco

Costco is another cheap place to have copies made. You can use their online printing services, or go in-person by visiting a Costco warehouse. 

Time Required: Same day

Types of Printing: Brochures, business cards, black and white copies, color copies, enlargements, collage prints, and wall decor

Estimated Pricing: $0.035-$0.29 per page, discounts for large orders 

15.  Best Value Copy

With a customer-centric business model, Best Value Copy is one of the top places to have documents printed online. 

There’s no minimum order number or quantity limit – so you can get any number of pages printed.

Time Required: 24-48 hours

Types of Printing: Black and white copies, and color copies 

Estimated Pricing: $0.03-$0.09 per copy 

Wrapping Up

Printing documents doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, there are a number of great places to print for cheap. 

Try out some of the businesses we’ve shared, and see how much you can save on your printing costs.

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