How to Start a Janitorial Cleaning Business: Secrets from Startup

KellyLynn Mulcahy never thought she’d own a highly successful cleaning business based out of Minneapolis, but she’s been running her company, Rise Up Cleaning, for five years now.  Starting a janitorial cleaning business wasn’t always on her list of “to-do’s,” but she’s happy to share with us her tips on how to start a janitorial … Read more

How to Start a Salon Business: Secrets from Startup

Roz Gorko didn’t always plan to start her own salon. Her family opened a restaurant while she was in highschool, and saw firsthand what it took to start a small business.  After graduating she attended beauty school, and now she runs a successful salon, RG Salon. If you’re looking for the best information on how … Read more

How to Start a Carpet Cleaning Business: Secrets from Startup

Bill Mountain is an experienced entrepreneur who started his carpet cleaning business over 25 years ago.  He set out to provide a full time income to support his family, and years later he now mentors startups and teaches carpet cleaning certification classes.  He’s open to sharing his excellent tips for how to start a carpet … Read more

How to Start a Baking Business: Secrets from Startup

Alyssa Grunza is a home baker turned bakery owner with an unlikely story. Her dog tragically passed in 2017, and she baked some intricate cupcakes for her vet thanking them for their help during a tough time.  Now, after starting a baking business, she spends the majority of her time taking orders from customers and … Read more

How to Start a Property Management Company: Secrets from Startup

Justin Bradley is a real estate agent turned property manager who originally started his property management group to allow for his wife to stay at home with their kids.  He had no idea starting a property management business could be so successful, and that he’d develop such a craft for providing renters with incredibly well … Read more

How to Start a Candle Business: Secrets from Candle Startup

Alicia Reisinger didn’t know that starting a candle making business from her home would lead her to a million dollar operation with 14 employees and reach the shelves of stores like Whole Foods that make money reselling her products. Her passion began with a medical diagnosis for her first child that encouraged her to slow … Read more

How to Start a Mushroom Farm: Told by Mushroom Farmer

Hunter Vargo is a 19 year old mushroom farmer who has an unlikely story that led him to own and operate his own mushroom farm, Mountain View Mushrooms, while he was still in high school. His passion for mushrooms was ignited when he tried out a mushroom grow kit from Walmart during the beginning of … Read more

How to Start a Food Truck Business & Make 6-Figures

Jordan and Holly Nickerson are no strangers to the current food truck trend. They own Rookies, a food truck business in Virginia serving cookies and ice cream. The Nickersons opened Rookies in 2017, initially just looking to break even. 5 years later, their first food truck has led them to an impressive 6-figure business and … Read more