How to Sell Internationally on eBay in 2023 (My Experience)

by John-Paul Cody


Selling internationally on eBay always seemed daunting.

Until I tried it a few years ago, and my sales grew 10-20% overnight.

Now I consider it an important part of running my eBay store. Today I’ll share exactly how to sell internationally on eBay, from years of doing so myself.

Can you sell internationally on eBay?


According to eBay’s seller policies, you can absolutely ship internationally, either through the GSP (Global Shipping Program) or international standard delivery.

  • Global Shipping Program – If your shipment is lost or broken during international shipping, those situations will be resolved in your favor, and your seller feedback won’t be impacted. In addition, you are better protected from negative/neutral feedback, and can always control which items are shipped through the program.
  • International Standard Delivery – for this process, you’ll need to be more involved, because eBay will not be handling things like completing customs forms, and taking care of import fees. Very few sellers use this method, because they have less protections.

Selling internationally through eBay allows you to instantly sell in over 100 countries worldwide. As a result, your listings will become accessible to hundreds of millions more people.

In fact, if you want to sell faster on eBay, enabling international shipping is one of the top strategies.

When I started selling internationally, I immediately noticed a lift in sales, and must say it’s a cool feeling when you get a sale from the other side of the globe. 

If you sell internationally, a fee of 1.65% is added to the total amount of the sale and is automatically deducted from the transaction.

This is a small price to pay to multiply your customer base though in my opinion though. If you are still bothered by high eBay fees, there are ways to reduce them.

How do you sell internationally on eBay?

Aside from the boost in sales, perhaps my favorite part of eBay selling internationally is the simplicity.

Before getting started, you’ll need to meet a few criteria:

  • Your eBay account needs to be in good standing
  • Made your first sale 90+ days ago
  • Have 10+ feedback points as a seller
  • Post in an eligible category. Categories not allowed for international sales include: Video Games, Movies & TV, Hunting knives, Auto parts, and Vehicles

Once you meet these requirements, you’ll be eligible to ship internationally on eBay.

To activate international shipping on eBay, you’ll need to enable the option when listing a product (see screenshot below).


It doesn’t matter if you’re selling the top items to sell on eBay or more slow selling items, the activation process is the same.

Once you publish the listing, international buyers can then purchase that product.

Is selling internationally on eBay worth it?

In my experience, selling internationally through the Global Shipping Program (GSP) is definitely worth it, due to the higher earning potential and international seller protections from eBay.

After enabling international sales on my eBay store, I immediately noticed a 10-20% bump in earnings with no extra work on my part.

With GSP, you simply ship items to one of eBays distribution centers in the United States, and they handle it from there. 

So there’s no extra paperwork or prep work sellers need to in order to sell internationally.

Unlike most sites to sell things online, international shipping is a breeze on eBay.

I also find it personally exciting to sell items to people all over the world. I remember one of my first global eBay sales was an emerald green jacket to a customer in Africa.

It felt surreal that a humble eBay store could distribute orders all over the world.

How to ship internationally on eBay?

Shipping internationally on eBay through the Global Shipping Program couldn’t be any easier.

When you receive an international sale, the GSP shipping process is no different than domestic eBay shipments.

You simply weigh your shipment, print and paste the label, and then drop it off at a local shipping carrier. The process is the same whether you are packing and shipping clothes or other items.

These orders always go to the nearest eBays distribution center in the United States to be further prepared before going overseas. 

Why is that beneficial for sellers?

Because you (the seller) are only responsible for getting the package to eBay’s distribution center. After that, eBay covers any damages or losses that might occur during international transit.

Wrapping Up

How to sell internationally on eBay used to seem like rocket science.

Once I tested the process myself, I regretted not trying it sooner. I hope this guide shows just how easy the process can be.

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John-Paul Cody has been an avid online seller for years, across platforms including eBay, Mercari, Craigslist, and more. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Economics from UNC Chapel Hill, and works in data analytics and marketing.

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John-Paul Cody has been an avid online seller for years, across platforms including eBay, Mercari, Craigslist, and more. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Economics from UNC Chapel Hill, and works in data analytics and marketing.